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Post 5  Jefferson City, Missouri




CHARTER DATE: June 21, 1919



WHAT MAKES OUR POST UNIQUE: Our membership is diverse and includes veterans from all branches of service; from World War II to young service members currently wearing the uniforms of our armed services. Our Post is home to not only The American Legion, but also.. Read more »

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World War I served as the trigger point in the transformation of Europe and the approach by which wars would be fought for decades to come. From this bloody epic that took the lives of more than 116,000 U.S. military personnel rises a tale of service nearly forgotten, yet carried forth through the dedication of Roscoe Enloe Post 5. Roscoe Enloe was a local soldier killed in combat during World War I. He was inducted.. Full story »
Roscoe Enloe Post 5 was granted a Charter on June 21, 1919 by The American Legion from it's Temporary Headquarters at 19 West 44th St, New York, N.Y. The Charter was confirmed in November at the National Convention. There are 28 signatures on the charter. They are: Foster B. McHenry Roy Vaughan Jake Allen John Thompson Hubert C. Debo Roy Schwell Richard P. Nacy Herndon Painter Paul C. Hunt Jacob Slate Leonard M. Rice Harry.. Full story »
In 1922 seventeen local women, many from very prominent families, gathered to organize our unit. They received the Charter on March 27th, 1922, However the Charter was not signed and the unit established until October 11, 1923. The following ladies were the names on the Charter that established Unit 5 of the American Legion Auxiliary : Mrs. RH(Lottie) Dallmeyer, Mrs. T.O. Towles, Mrs. Harry Edwards, Mrs. Foster McHenry, Mrs. John Delahay, Mrs. Lester Sone, Miss.. Full story »
Post 5 won the State Championship in 1940. In 1941 the Corp. was disorganized due to World War 2. Full story »
During the late 20’s and 30’s the Great Depression created monetary problems for the City of Jefferson and Cole County. On October 5th, 1939, Roscoe Enloe Post 5 was called upon by the Chief of Police Harry Mackey to establish an Emergency Police Force. Chief Mackey explained that his police force was not adequately staffed to handle emergencies and they were over-taxed in handling state affairs at the Capitol. This was supported by the May.. Full story »
In 1919, World War I veterans assembled to form an organization that would allow them to demonstrate their deeply rooted spirit of patriotism while continuing to support their fellow veterans. As local veteran Ed Green notes, the American Legion’s preamble states that part of the reason for the organization’s existence is to ensure the preservation of “the memories and incidents of our associations in the great wars …” But such words can often prove meaningless.. Full story »
“Being on a ship was like ‘all for one’…like we were all one big family,” local veteran Morgan Walker says of his time served in the active Navy and reserves, and later experienced as a member of veteran service organizations. But as the veteran notes, there was a time when he was uncertain whether he would even qualify for service in the military. Prior to his graduation from high school in Marshfield in 1960, Walker.. Full story »
While attending Lincoln University in the fall of 1965, Ron Saucier and a group of friends decided to skip their classes so they could enjoy themselves around the city. Their escapade, however, landed the group at a local Marine Corps recruiting office and became the start of an unanticipated adventure. “The recruiter gave us the (enlistment) papers for our parents to sign,” said Saucier, 66. As the Brazito resident explained, the next morning only he.. Full story »
During World War II, the need for individuals with experience in the construction trades became paramount as U.S. forces began to build bases, airstrips and other military necessities throughout Europe and the Pacific. This led to the establishment of the Navy “Seabees” (derived from the initials “CB,” which denotes construction battalion) — a group of sailors possessing both construction knowledge and fighting ability. Charley Goodin, a 1966 graduate of Jefferson City High, began his own.. Full story »
Squadron 5 was started at Post 5 in 1977. The first officers were Dennis Scheperle, Greg Watts, Louis Hergemueller, David Tambke, Tim Schepers, Larry Crane, Tom Schepers, and Terry Boeckman. There were 54 original members. Our membership has grown to over 200 members. During the early years some of our fundraising events were an Annual Chili Supper and New Years Eve Dance. Today most of our funds are raised through our annual dues ($20 per.. Full story »
The American Legion Post 5 Sports Complex, located in Cole County, Missouri, broke ground on October 22, 1991 as a sports facility "built for the youth of our community." The primary purpose of the sports complex was to provide the Post 5 American Legion baseball team with a home field. Since its inception, the complex has added a total of 4 baseball/softball fields to the grounds that serve as a playing field for over 400.. Full story »
American Legion Chapter 5 was chartered in October 2007 by legionnaires Bill Findley and Hal Dulle. The charter officers were Director Bill Findley, Assistant Director Brad Reed, Secretary Hal Dulle, Treasurer Anne Dulle, Sgt-At-Arms Dwight McDonald, Chaplain Brian Norman, Historian Mike Amos and Judge Advocate Gary Blackorby. Chapter 5 is currently the largest Chapter in the State of Missouri with over 100 members. Today Chapter 5 takes part in may projects and events which include:.. Full story »
Claudia Goodin served as the State President of The American Legion Auxiliary (2011-2012). Her President's project raised over eleven thousand dollars for the Missouri USO. She has also served as the National Committee Woman for the National American Legion Auxiliary Organization. She has regularly volunteered in gift shops at the Missouri Veterans homes and VA facilities. She delivers gifts from Unit 5 to veterans at Jefferson City's local nursing homes and residential facilities. She also says that her experience with the American Legion Auxiliary not only helped her develop her leadership skills to be a successful leader in the world's.. Full story »