Five speedskaters from Falldin Post 555 Skating Club were in Winnipeg, Canada the weekend of Feb. 26-26-27 for the Manitoba International Speedskating Championships. The children, three parents and coaches Caroline Dugas and Paul Sieverson made the trip by chartered bus.

Stephanie Meade, 1611 Adams St. NE, received a second place trophy for overall points in the Pony Girls division. She placed first in the 200 meter final and broke a Canadian record by skating it in 25.2 seconds.

The trip to Winnipeg is an annual "reward trip" for skaters who have participated in all the skating meets during the season. The Falldin Skaters are sharpening their blades for the Gopher State Indoor Championships, the last meet of the season, to be held March 18 and 19 at Columbia Arena.

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