Those pictured for the St. Cloud Hospital visit are as follows; left to right, A. Rosenberger, Earl Sayre, W.J. Fielder, M.K. Dahl, E. Johnson (all from St. Cloud) and Falldiners Cy Lien, George Gorski, Pat O'Toole, Leroy Knealing and Dale Leider.

For the 3rd consecutive year, Falldin has cooperated with St. Paul Grand Arie of the Elks and St. Cloud Minnesota Chapter of the Red Cross, to give hospitalized Veterans from the St. Cloud Vets Hospital 2 enjoyable days. The Elks organization purchased tickets for the U. of M. football games. The Red Cross furnished the transportation and Falldin Post 555 served lunch preceeding the games. The Falldin Auxiliary cooked and served the lunch to approximately 50 at each of the 2 events.It is particularly satisfying to know that these three organizations work together for the well being of the Veteran who served his country and who now spends months and years in hospitals. Mr. Leo Demro, head of the Volunteer Service of St. Cloud's Hospital is the man responsible for setting up these excursions for the Veterans.

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