The New Falldin Post home pictured represents an investment by the Post in the sum of approximately $85,000. It has an auditorium, three game rooms, a kitchen and a club room. About one-fourth of the members of the Post are Columbia Heights residents. The aim and purpose of the Post is to eventually make this home available as a center for the extensive youth program that is to be developed. This is the only Legion building in Northeast Minneapolis. At this time the Post sponsors a speed skating team, an eight team bowling league and will be in a position to expand all their efforts in building around this community center. Dedication of the new building Post No. 555, 3141 Central Ave. N.E. will be held Tuesday, February 1 at 7 p.m. For the program dedicating this new building Governor Freeman will be the honored guest along with Mr. and Mrs. John Falldin. Rollie Johnson will be the master of ceremonies. L.J. Willett, Department Commander will give the dedicatory address.

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