Following the cessation of WWII, a group of local Veterans joined together to establish a Post in Northeast Mpls. in the American Legion, receiving their charter on September 24, 1946. The Post was named in honor of Arthur and Leonard Falldin who sacrificed their lives for our country. The Falldin family consisted of one daughter and ten sons, nine of whom served in WWII. Currently one is still alive, John Falldin. On February 5, 1946, Mr. and Mrs. John Falldin authorized Jack Pestello, Donald Ballentine, Frank Donahue and Axel Williams to use the name of their late sons, Arthur and Leonard, in making application for an American Legion Post for the Northeast area. Arthur and Leonard Falldin had both lost their lives in the Navy during World War II. Arthur I. Falldin entered the service in April 1942 and was killed when his ship hit a floating mine in September 1945. He was buried with military honors on Okinawa. Leonard O. Falldin entered service in October 1942 and was declared missing in May 1945. Official word of his death was received in October 1945. The application was submitted to the Fifth District American Legion headquarters in Minneapolis for a charter for the new American Legion Post to be known as the Arthur and Leonard Falldin Post. A charter was issued March 16, 1946. The objective these men had in starting the Post was to start a youth program to help make better citizens of the young men and women in the Northeast community of Minneapolis. They were hoping to do this through athletics. They formed very organized sports programs. Some of their athletes went on to become national champions, some to the Olympics and some to professional sports. The Post, at 3141 Central Ave. N.E., was active in all other phases of the American Legion, some of which includes community service, helping the needy, parties for the mentally retarded, parties for Seniors, Boy Scouts, School Patrol training, Firearms training for young people, Memorial Day programs, etc. The Post had grown to a high that year of 732 members. Over the years many changes took place as a result of declining membership, deceased members and other reasons. Eventually our Post was sold and with it many past programs were abandoned. Our Post is still alive and active. At present we are involved in such programs as Americanism, Veterans Affairs, hospital visitation, Oratorical, American Education Week, Boys and Girls State, Legionville and Community service. We also participate in a Memorial Day program and others as the occasion arises. A 65th Anniversary celebration of the Falldin Post was held at the National Guard Armory, 1025 Broadway Ave. N.E. Mpls on Saturday, Sept. 24, 2011.

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