Our Legion Post 435 was formed in early 1927 at a meeting of ex-servicemen at the old town Hall on 62nd and Lyndale. The Hall was a large old fashioned room, heated by a pot-bellied stove. Fifteen ex-servicemen of World War One were required to sign the charter which was duly completed. The temporary charter was issued on May 4th, 1927, signed by Department Commander Howard Rufus Rand, Department Adjutant Edwin Lindell, National Commander Howard Savage, National Adjutant John F. Barton.

The first order of business was the installation of officers, held at the Richfield- Roosevelt Elementary School. An installation team form the Calhoun Post conducted the ceremony. Officers installed were: William Pelling Jr., Commander, Dana H. Dutton, Vice Commander, B.J. Schwoeffermann, Adjutant, Dr. L.A. Schoenleben, Finance Officer, James B, McDonough, Sergeant-at-Arms, and W.R. Andrews, Chaplain. The program was open to the public and was attended by Department Commander Rufus Rand and other Department and 5th District dignitaries. The Calhoun Post quartet entertained musically.

During these early years, the Post met in the basement of the Mayflower Congregational Church in the building known as Towns Edge Hall. Executive Committee meetings were held in various members' homes. The young Post fast became involved in all aspects of the Legion programs. The young Post developed, and by 1935 had 53 members.

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