Post 435 Minneapolis-Richfield, Minnesota

Post 435

Minneapolis-Richfield, Minnesota

Post 435 Minneapolis-Richfield, Minnesota

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Temporary Charter issued

May 4, 1927
Our Legion Post 435 was formed in early 1927 at a meeting of ex-servicemen at the old town Hall on 62nd and Lyndale. The Hall was a large old fashioned room, heated by a pot-bellied stove. Fifteen ex-servicemen of World War One were required to sign the charter which was duly completed. The temporary charter was issued on May 4th, 1927, signed by Department Commander Howard Rufus Rand, Department Adjutant Edwin Lindell, National Commander Howard..
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National Officers sign our permanent charter

Jul 15, 1935
Judge Joseph J. Piotros was Commander when the permanent charter was received. It was dated and signed on July 15th, 1935 by the National Commander Frank N. Belgrans Jr., National Adjutant Frank E. Samuel.
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Department Officers sign our permanent charter

Jul 25, 1935
On July 25th, 1935, it was signed by Department Commander William R. Mitchall, Department Adjutant , C.A. Turner.
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Post Name changed to Minneapolis-Richfield

Jan 1, 1941
In 1941 the Membership voted to add the name "Minneapolis" to the Post name, thereby becoming Minneapolis-Richfield Post 435. This came about because most of the members lived in the area of Richfield that was annexed by Minneapolis in 1927. The charter members had chosen a place-named Richfield as a Post name rather than that of a comrade because they didn't want to slight anyone. There was a wealth of World War One heroes to..
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Purchased the first Post building.

Jan 1, 1943
In 1943 the membership was able to realize the end of a dream. Through the financial backing of a Post member, Dave Good, they were able to purchase a night spot known as Jensen's at 6430 Nicollet. The members renovated the place themselves. It was in 1943 when the first World War Two vet joined our Post. He was Cliff Hagman. 1943 was also a hallmark year for the Legion Baseball in our Post. Coach..
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Post home remodeled and membership grew to 150 members.

Jan 1, 1947
By now, with the economy on the upswing, the Post was in a position to form a building committee. This committee was able to secure money for a complete remodeling of the Post home. In 1947 the Post home was remodeled and refurbished. Membership had grown to 150 members.
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Jan 1, 1951
In 1951 Richfield applied for and received its State Club License. This enabled the Post to put on more social functions but still on a limited basis. The major income to support our Legion Program was now coming through the efforts of a dynamic young Legionnaire who promoted the Bingo program at our Post. He is Dale Frederick and continued his service to Post 435 for the next twenty years. This then young man built..
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Membership Growth

Jan 1, 1954
The Post continued to grow slowly to 460 members by 1954.
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1000 members or Bust!

Jan 1, 1955
Ed Vieman was the First Vice Commander and Membership Chairman. Ed was a local TV and Radio personality. As Membership Chairman, he initiated the "1000-or-Bust" slogan. As result, the Post achieved well over 1,000 memberships by 1955.
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Largest initiation held in MN

Feb 21, 1956
The largest mass initiation ever held in Minnesota took place on February 21, 1956 at the Richfield High School auditorium. The guest of honor and main speaker was National Commander J. Addington Wagner. In attendance were 500 new initiates. In addition to the National Commander's appearance, Department Commander Dan Foley was on hand for greetings, plus Department and Fifth District dignitaries. The ritual was conducted by the Voiture 45, 40&8 ritual team led by Bill..
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