Under a Temporary Charter elected first Commander in August 1919, Frank E. Vincent was elected the first Commander and Chester H. Hamilton was First Adjutant. In August 1919 a group of local WWI Veterans held their first meeting in the Board of Commerce rooms in Milford for the purpose of organize a American Legion Post. Required number of members were obtained, application was made for a temporary Charter was granted by Department of Michigan in the name of Ernest F. Oldenburg Post 216, Milford. Oldenburg was a local Soldier in the 32nd Red Arrow Division who was kill in action in France. Qualification considered worthy of naming the post in his memory. 17 Charter members of the Post sign the Charter in February 18 1925: Chester W. Arms Edwin C. Boyle Perry F. Ellis Everett B. Strange Theron R. Arms Vincent E. Boyle Chester Hamilton Edward Thornhill Harold W. Avery Harold D. Cole Albert W. Johnson Gary N. Watson D.C. Black Merle Dustin Roy S. Pittenger Frank E. Vincent Mildred E. Boyle



Post Application for Permanent Charter


First Indoresement


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