In its early days (approx 1919-early 1950s) Post 36 locations were the G.A.R Hall (over the Marr Clothing Store) and the fire station.  Post records were lost in 1942 when the Hall burned.  After WWll the location was the Water Co. building on McClintic St.  The Rice building at 33 Atlantic Ave was bought in 1945.  A former store/machine shop owned by Henry Rice, it was not moved into until 1953.  It had apartments.This building was located aside the footbridge and is now a parking lot.  (see photo below) In the interim (between moving out of the Rice building on Atlantic Ave and into Sherman Hall on Industrial Road in Boothbay) meetings/breakfasts/dinners/other gatherings were held at the Botthbay Harbor Fire Station, VFW Post building, and the Boothbay Region Lions Club.  Sherman Hall was built in 1996-7 (see the gallery of photos).  The 1st meeting  at new Sherman Hall Was June 9, 1997. (have a photo of that in a gallery). Dedication of the Hall was Nov. 1, 1997. There is a gallery specifically about the dedication.

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