Post 337 Grovetown, Georgia

Post 337

Grovetown, Georgia

Post 337 Grovetown, Georgia

About This Post

Notable Members

WWII Veterans: Harold Cheatham and George Weiss  

Korean War Veterans: Ronald Fairburn, Albert Lheureux, Robert Washington and Robert Widener

Charlie Norwood VAMC Director Robin Jackson, Charlie Norwood VAMC Chief of Voluntary Services Robert Frasier

3 time 11th District Commander Melvin O. Weaver

What Makes this Post Unique

Post 337 was organized to serve the rapidly growing Grovetown, Harlem and Appling areas of Columbia County, Georgia, outside the Cyber Center of Excellence and Fort Gordon. As the mission of the Cyber Center continues to expand, the number of veterans in our immediate area is also expanding and Post 337 stands ready to meet the needs of those veterans and their families. Serving this community has given Post 337 the opportunity to grow and to reflect the diverse demographics in the Grovetown area.

Since the Post is only 3 1/2 years old, we do not have a Post Home. We do, however, benefit from the generosity of the Grove First Baptist Church, which allows us to meet and hold various events in their facility.