Post 32 Longmont, Colorado

Post 32

Longmont, Colorado

Post 32 Longmont, Colorado

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Post Namesake
Lt. John Harold Buckley
Notable Members
Sgt. Allen Dale June (1921-2010). Sgt. June was one of the original 29 Navajo Code Talkers. He received the Congressional Gold Medal on December 21, 2000 for his part in helping to confound the Japanese during WWII. The Code Talkers ... READ MORE
What Makes this Post Unique
We are among the oldest American Legion Posts in the country with a historically rich past that is fast approaching 100 years. Nationwide, the American Legion was chartered in September, 1919, as a social organization of war-time veterans and active ... READ MORE





Feb 15, 1995
I got shipped out to Fort Leonard Wood for Basic Training. After two months I go to Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio for my AIT; I finished my training as a medic and get stationed at Fort Hood, Texas> I stayed there for 4 years. After I finished my four years of service at fort Hood, I re-enlist and get sent to Fort Campbell, KY where I get my Air Assault badge. On October..
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