Post 1 Anchorage, Alaska

Post 1

Anchorage, Alaska

Post 1 Anchorage, Alaska

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John "Jack" Henry





Sep 19, 1919
For Jack Henry Post 1, history starts in the spring of 1919 when Jack Sutherland thought a Veteran's group should be formed. Men like Lyle Larson, Elwyn Swetmann, Walter Blanton, and John L. Hughes all took this call and started spreading the word. On Jun 1, 1919 a meeting was held at the old Robert's Hall in Anchorage, which was at the corner of 4th & C Streets. More than thirty - (30) Veterans assembled,..
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Jan 1, 1920
» President Woodrow Wilson grants land at 3rd & F Streets to the American Legion » Florence Kolb becomes the first Alaskan female veteran to join the Post » Unit 1 Ladies Auxiliary is chartered » Unit 1 Ladies Auxiliary purchases the Auxiliary's first permanent place when they acquire the old Congregational Church property at the corner of at 5th & G Streets » First Anchorage 4th of July Parade Organized by Post 1 »..
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Jan 1, 1930
» American Legion purchases two rail cars from the Alaska Railroad - outfits one as a bunkhouse and one as mess facility for homeless veterans. This provided a place to live and the Post also assisted veterans in obtaining jobs. » Post 1 established the first Armistice Day Dance. » Jack Henry forms the Anchorage Acting & Drama Club » American Legion sponsors various radio shows on KFQD » Post 1 sponsored six charitable fundraisers..
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Jan 1, 1940
» Post & Ladies Auxiliary donates land at 5th & G Streets to the USO in support of our WWII troops. The Post and Unit were obliged to meet in the Pioneer Hall or at the Third and F Street building, during the war years. » The old church building was removed and in its place a beautiful log building was built. Huge golden spruce logs were hauled in from Palmer, Alaska. General Simon Bolivar..
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Jan 1, 1950
» Post 1’s Bowling Team wins state championship in 1951 » Post achieves its' highest ever membership level - 1,000+ » Jack Henry serves as selective service board for the Korean Conflict. » Jack Henry replaces three wooden flagpoles with metal ones at the City Cemetery. » Post 1 sponsors the Boy Scout membership drive throughout the city. » Post 1 sends their first National Executive Committeeman (Perry S. McLain) to National Headquarters » Jack..
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Jan 1, 1960
» Jack Henry moves from 3rd & F Streets to our present location at 840 W. Fireweed in May of 1961 » Jack Henry became one of the civil defense centers during the 1964 earthquake. » The Legion building became a shelter and people came from all parts of the city and outlying areas. People bedded down on the floors and food was served, volunteers assisted and the military brought in water and supplies. This..
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Jan 1, 1970
» Jack Henry constructs the new block extension to the site. » Post 1 sponsored all incoming military naval vessels - All Ship Commanders were presented the new designed golden screw award. » Jack Henry acquires two additional lots adjacent to its current location and created an outdoor recreational area.
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Jan 1, 1980
» The 80s was an especially difficult time for the post as many of our WWI Veterans transferred to Post Everlasting » The last Post One WWI Veteran passes away. This was in 1986 and his name was Uncle Henry Fulton. » March 31, 1986 Troop 616 of the Boy Scouts of America is chartered to Jack Henry Post 1. » Jack Henry Post 1 underwent several re-models and renovations.
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Jan 1, 1990
» The Post dedicates a lot of its time and efforts towards Child Welfare programs. » Jack Henry Post 1 achieves 100% membership during the last four years of the decade. » Post improves the outdoor recreational areas throughout the grounds.
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Jan 1, 2000
» After many years since the Post not having one of its members in the State's top position, Harry Pawson is elected as Commander of the State of Alaska Department Headquarters. » Post One has several of its members to move on to higher positions within the American Legion Organization » Over the 90 year history Jack Henry has had seven members elected as the city of Anchorage mayor. We can boast that four of..
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