On April 7, 1948, the Edward Olson Post 348 filed an application for a charter in the name of Olson-Grinde Post 348 in DeForest, Wisconsin.  The following post officers were listed on the application: Wayne G. Russell - Commander, Anders Roisem - Vice Commander, Carl J. Nordahl - Adjutant, Alfred P. Wenger - Finance Officer, Alfred L. F. Anderson - Chaplain, Willard Moran - Sergeant-at-Arms, Earl A. Larson - Historian, and John M. Grinde - Service Officer.  The application was approved by Department o Wisconsin Commander Jack I. Spore on April 23, 1948. and received at National Headquarters of The American Legion, Indianapolis, Indiana on April 28, 1948.  That same date a permanent charter was issued with the registration number 17,728.

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