The front of our Post home has been patched, painted,and the new Post sign installed along with the five branches of service emblems.The front of the building is now complete with the five branches of service attached, paver brick and stone in place. The flag deposit box has been moved for easy access from the parking lot. A new sidewalk is in with access to parking along a side street and for those walking to the Post. A tree was removed anticipating of rerouting the entering and exiting traffic.Once complete our available parking will more than double. The new flagpole has an inner mechanism for raising and lowering and is well lighted at night. A kneeling soldier is in place and the POW/MIA bench has been ordered. Thanks to volunteers all work other than the driveway ramp was completed without any cost for labor. It is important that our image reflects pride in our Post home, the neighborhood and the community.



New signs arrive.


Lining up location for emblems.


Service branches being attached to front w2all.










Removing old Post sign.




Underlay in place.


Unloading washed stones.


Paver brick in place.


Sidewalks poured.


Excavating and setting sidewalk forms.


Curb and driveway ramp in place.


Finished except for cutting a few pave brick,


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