During the Fall of 1919, those returning from WWI met to set up a local Legion Post. Twelve men attended the first meeting and the national Organization called for sixteen to receive a charter. On October 14, 1919, eighteen men met and signed a charter. The eighteen were; W. L. Boyden, John Block, Edmund Weise, Otto W. Gross, Lyle Paulie, Rueben Mayer, E.C. Werbelowski, John Bunkleman, James Swan, Harvey Johnson, F.E. McDonough, Ralph Tubbs, E.F. Boyden, William Row, Alvin Piehl, Alfred Piehl, Marion Shepard, and Floyd Hardacker. (Pictured Westley L. Boyden 1st Post Commander 1919-1920)

Elbrige told that the first meetings were held in the old City Hall and during the winter months there was no heat. Fron there, they met in the old Dean Building which stood where the Press was located which was in the present Don’s Quality Market parking lot. They paid $75.00 a year and had to furnish their own heat. Next they moved to an upstairs of a building that existed where the Old IGA Store now stands. Rent there was $50.00 a year and heat was furnished. Expenses were hard to meet as the Post had no income. They sponsored some movies which sometimes made as much as $20.00 while losing money at other times.

They sponsored a “Trade In Seymour” campaign and received recognition from our National Organization. In 1924 they sponsored the first kiddie Christmas party. In 1926 the first poultry fair was held to raise money for that event and distributed about 200 kiddie bags. In 1933 the group raised about $50.00 at our stand at the Outagamie County Fair, a tradition continued to this day. Beginning in 1934 they sponsored several talent shows. The first was put on by outsiders, however after several years Dr Finkle and Art Boyden, neither of whom were Legion members took over. Clyde VanVuren and Elbrige Boyden did one of the last shows that netted around $350.00. Around 1943, the group sponsored Fourth of July celebrations. After two consecutive rainouts they cancelled due to a lack of funds.

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