All of our members are notable, but some deserve added recognition Dorothy Dwyer was raised in Boston. She vividly recalls Churchill requesting help from FDR. She was not in first 500 that went to England. She wanted to travel and went to North Africa and Italy in Eisenhower's headquarters. So many stories. She literally walked into General De Gaulle in a hallway. She was in the first 100 and qualified to fly home when her enlistment was up. She took the train from Florida to Boston. In the large crowd she did not find relatives and took taxi home surprising everyone. After marrying, she and her husband settled in Washington instead of going on to Alaska. Post 44 wants everyone to remember Dorothy at 96 in 2018.



Dorothy Dwyer visiting WW2 Memorial


Greeting Dorothy at 96 in 2018


A Post 44 Treasured Patriot


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