Sgt. Baker was a squad leader with KILO Company, 3rd Battalion. 7th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division and was on patrol in Quang Nam Province near Da Nang. A Ridgefield graduate,
he was 19 when he was gravely wounded by mortar and mine fragments. He was cared for at 95th Evac Hospital in Da Nang from 7/31/70 until his death 9/18/70. His brother Dan of Ridgefield was able to be with him.

"I was there with you the day we felt all the pain You were only steps from me. I saw you bleeding and I called for the corpsman, that is when my lung collapsed and I realized I was also hit and on the ground. We were sent to the same hospital 95th Evac. I recovered and you went to the Lord. We were wounded July 31, 1970 and you passed after I was sent to another hospital. You were a great squad leader. You were my squad leader."
LCPL Leonard Wayne Hill KILO 3/7 VN posted 6/04/08

"He was my little neighbor boy in Ridgefield"
Judy (Simpson) Dix posted 5/03/06

" David - I was only 14 when you died- I will never forget all the heartache and pain we all went thru..."
Barbara Larson (sister) posted 5/15/01

" Although not wounded in war, we still did our part,
And made the end of the tour with no visible scar.
The wounded mind remembers the conflict so far,
But the hurt does not bleed ,so no purple heart.
Dedicated to David and Dan Baker
Ron McCallie SGT 1st Marine Division posted 2/16/01
NSA 95th Evac. Hosp. Da Nang
Casualty Reporter

"I miss you every day but cherish the memory of you and thank God I was able to be with you those last weeks at the 95th. You had some great friends in the 3/7 and I am glad I got to meet some. Hope some day to be with you again little brother. You are my Hero.
Daniel Baker posted 7/14/14

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