On May 26th, 2018 Veterans that have not been claimed are taken to Tahoma National Cemetery. Over the pass several years, Post 236 has been on the 24th Ave Overpass, waving flags as the escort comes by. Each year, Post 236 adds more flags and more members come out to help. Those present were: Commander: Ken Christian, Jr Adjutant: Charlene Christian SAA: Garry Squance Chaplain: Ken Roberts Past Commander: Alan Lentz Post 236 Members: Jack Campbell Joe Gallagher Stan Campbell There were many others that came by and helped out. We were even visited by our State Representative Jesse Young and his family. We had a lot of people on bikes and cars that slowed down say thank you for our service. There was also a UPS Driver who stopped by briefly and grabbed a flag and stood with us.



Cmdr Christian chatting with the members.


Setting up the flags


Post 236 Colors, Several US Flags, and 3rd District Flag flowing in the breeze.


From Left: Stan Campbell, Jack Campbell, Cmdr Ken Christian, Chaplain Ken Roberts, SAA Garry Squance


Joe Gallagher and Cmdr Ken Christian


State Representative Jesse Young dropping by to chat and help.


Getting things ready.


Looking down the line.


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