On January 31, 2012, William C. Stacey was killed in action by an IED while leading his squad on a mission in the district of Now Zad in Helmand Province, where he had served as a volunteer combat replacement on an earlier tour of duty in the fall of 2008. Every year, the family of William C. Stacey gathers friends, platoon members, and loved ones to gather at Will's favorite restaurant to reminisce about their favorite times with him, and the events that ripple through the world from his passing.

This year, William C. Stacey Post 206 was invited to be a part of this tradition, and Commander Jordan Houghton, Senior Vice Commander Joey Hernandez, Chaplain Joey Massa, and Legionnaire Samantha Powers attended this at the bequest of Robert and Robin Stacey, the parents of Will Stacey. 

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