William C. Stacey Post 206 has a bountiful relationship with The Mission Continues. They work in many areas together, serving the Danny Woo Community Garden (International District - Seattle, WA), The Ethiopian Community Center (Rainier Neighborhood - Seattle, WA), Northwest Tap Connection (Rainier Neighborhood - Seattle, WA), and Compass Housing Alliance (Renton, WA).

The event to celebrate a year of successful service events, benefitting these disadvantaged communities, the two organizations held a 'combat-esque' Lazer Tag competition, with many of the participants being dual members (Commander/Seattle 1st Platoon Leadership Team Jordan Houghton, City Impact Manager/Legionnaire Linh Thai, Seattle 1st Platoon Leader/Legionnaire Glen Wright, and Tacoma 1st Platoon Program Manager/Legionnaire Thomas Di Giorgio). After a heated game, they participated in some clean up of the outside area, and coordinate the next big clean up for Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service in January!

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