Will was an amazing individual who was raised in Seattle, WA. When he had joined the Marines, it seemed like the proper calling for him and things had truly aligned for him in life. His family understood that his passion for history, especially that regarding military history, would aid him throughout his career in the Marines.

Will wanted to truly help those that were under his care, and this was exemplified by his own squad being given a name, a usual occurrence that was reserved for platoons, companies, and battalions usually. The "Stacey Roughnecks" were something to be in awe of. They were lethality in the flesh, and determination set forward for Marines to look upon. 

What this event was meant to do was reinvent how many of The Legion's practices had become stagnant to the public and seemed to be something that no longer was inclusive of the public, or those who were not part of the 'traditions of old'. Utilizing one of the things that not only Will loved to be a part of, but what is termed as a social lubricant, beer, the co-founder of the post and Vice Commander, Joey Hernandez brewed the beer, "Good Life, Good Fight". This beer was named after a motto that Will utilized throughout his life: "Live the good life, fight the good fight, die with your boots on." We thought it was only appropriate that we use that as the catalyst for this event.

During this event the family of Will were present, those who knew him during service and prior, and many community members gathered to share fond memories of Will Stacey, about what this post had done in the community, and what they hoped to see in the future as well. It was an amazing opportunity for everyone involved, and a true success. All throughout this, the red poppies of Flanders Field were handed out, and the stories and significances of World War I was not forgotten.

A moment of silence was observed at 11:11 AM, and from thereon, the event was immersed in conversation and the low rumble of laughter, conversation, and jubilee camaraderie. Urban Family Brewery of Seattle, WA hosted the entirety of the event, brewed the beer, and truly showed the entire veteran community how inclusive and welcoming those in different walks of life can be, bridging the gap between services, civilians, and families.

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