The Stanford family has deep roots in Colonial Beach. Clarence H. Stanford, George A. Stanford, Landon R. Stanford, and William J. Stanford all served in World War II and their names are on the War Memorial in town. Clarence Henry Stanford served on a PT boat in the Pacific. Bud Roble's great-uncle Landon Stanford (Clarence's brother) served in the Pacific Theater in WWII on a mine sweeper. When the war had just ended but he had not been mustered out yet, Landon wrote this letter to his mother (Bud Roble's great-grandmother, Rebekka Lucht Standford). He wrote the letter while in Pearl Harbor and it's a riveting account of much that he went thru in the war. Both Clarence and Landon entered the Navy on January 27, 1943. Clarence was discharged on October 28, 1945 and Landon was discharged December 31, 1945. Unfortunately, Landon died in an accident at work just two months after his discharge. With deep appreciation the Post thanks Mr. Roble for his permission to publish these pictures and the letter.












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