New England Culinary Institute asked Montpelier Post #3 to sponsor an Veterans Supper for about 80 Veterans this month ad they would do all the cooking. We combined our Old Timers supper for members with over 40+ years in Montpelier Post #3 with their request for this supper.
The supper was free for any veteran in the Montpelier area and members of Montpelier Post #3 that worked on feeds, parades etc. and any member over 40+ years membership in Montpelier Post #3 .
We served around eighty members and guests.
The meal was: Green Salad, Fresh Baked Breads, Lasagna with meat Bolognese & cheese,
Spinach Lasagna with Béchamel & cheese, Clam & Bacon in Soffritto over Linguine and Desserts
The main Chefs were:Chef Jean Louis Gerin, Robert Dumes, Frank Hill

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