Hey there Legionnaires, It's Kelvin again.... Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! You know, "Thanksgiving" is more about giving thanks, and saying it that way doesn't make me Dyslexic (lol). Giving Thanks comes from within' and is shown through the actions of one's self. Now sure, there are many ways in which to give Thanks. But to commune with those that are less fortunate and to learn of one's self worth is humbling in it's own. No one is promised tomorrow, so what you do today should not only lift your spirits, but lift those near and in need. This is the sort of Holiday that should last year around. And for us Legionnaires... This is epic action, when it comes to our fellowman or woman. To encourage good health, wealth and well being. To promote love in friendship as well as kinship. To communicate through understanding, and to approach without reproach. That is why I am proud to be an American Legionnaire, and a member of Post #289. So a special shout-out to those of you in "American Legion Post 289", who took a moment of their time to help. It is this type of commitment that continues to make America great. With that being said, Here are some pictures that were taken @ the Old Firehouse Day Shelter on November 23, 2016 at 11:00am. We fed approximately 120 people or better, and that's not even mentioning seconds or thirds. And please don't ask me, "How many Turkeys did it take?" (haha, funny joke!) I smoked a few, as you'll see one in the pic below. I never heard my food get talked about by so many people, so I am thankful for the Lord using me in such a way.... For I am Blessed! Now a lot of what you read are my thoughts, and should not be confused with those of the American Legion as a whole. "American Legion Post 289", We leave NO soldier behind! Let's keep each other lifted in prayer.... Amen. "For God and Country!!"









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