Post 50 Sisseton, South Dakota

Post 50

Sisseton, South Dakota

Post 50 Sisseton, South Dakota

About This Post

Post Namesake
The post is named after three veterans who gave their lives for their country: Edward Otto (World War I), Kenneth Quande (World War II) and Arden Renville (Vietnam War).
Notable Members
Arthur Tew, Myron Doud, Melvin Brantseg, Joe H. McCune, Herbert Axnes, Leo Grover, N.C. Klein, Alfred Klein, Harry Drentell, Harry Davis, Max Dady, Ed Tallackson, Peter E. Lewis and Alfred Erickson
What Makes this Post Unique
The lounge at the Sisseton Post Home is called the Black Hawk Lounge. It was named after the post's well known mounted drill team called the Black Hawks. They performed all around the state and competed in Legion competitions. Members ... READ MORE




Notice of new American Legion in Roberts County

Aug 15, 1919
The following noticed appeared in the Sisseton Weekly Standard August 15, 1919: Notice to all honorably discharged soldiers, sailors and marines who were members of the fighting forces of the U.S. between April 6th, 1917 and November 11, 1917. There will be a meeting of servicemen on Saturday evening, Aug. 16 at 8 pm at the Commercial Club Room for the purpose of taking steps toward the organization of a post of the American Legion...
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First Post Building

Aug 28, 1919
The first meetings were held at the Woodman Hall. It was located approximately where Dady Distributing was located for years. The American Legion purchased Woodman Hall and used it until 1947 when they built a new post home on Main Street. This modern brick building was built with a lot of member help. Hilman Rice was the prime contractor for the building project. Business meetings were held upstairs where there was a bar and slot..
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Legion Organization Completed

Sep 12, 1919
The following story was published in the Sisseton Weekly Standard on September 12, 1919. The American Legion Post at Sisseton was duly organized last Saturday evening and the following officers were elected. Post Commander--Dr. Longstreth, Post Vice Com.--Peter E. Lewis, Post Adjutant--Alfred Strand, Post Finance Officer--Dr. Sorbel, Post Historian--N.C.Klein, and Post Chaplain--Harry Drenttel. The post was named "Edward Otto Post" in honor of Edward Otto, the first Roberts County boy to give his life for..
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Post Officials-1920s

Jan 1, 1920
1920 Commander Dr. W.I. Longstreth----Adjutant Alfred N. Strand 1921 Commander Dana Babcock-----Adjutant E.J. Vaage 1922 Commander Edward Tallakson----Dr. W.I. Longstreth 1923 Commander N.C. Klein----Adjutant Walter Hendersen 1924 Commander R. Otis Marvick-----Adjutant Joe Scheauzer 1925 Commander Archie Horr----Adjutant B.R. Cooley 1926 Commander K.G. Fader----Adjutant B.R. Cooley 1927 Commander Arthur L. Tew----Adjutant Dr. G.B. Reid 1928 Commander Earl Eck----Adjutant John J. Heglie 1929 Commander B.H. Hanson----Adjutant S.A. Kirk
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Post Officials-1930s

Jan 1, 1930
1930 Commander S.A. Kirk----Adjutant Elmer Hustad 1931 Commander Dr. Geo. B. Reid----Adjutant Harry Drenttel 1932 Commander Stanley Smith----Adjutant Charles E. Larrabee 1933 Commander Max Dady----Adjutant H.B. Dickerson 1934 Commander Charles Larrabee----Adjutant Elias Johnstad 1935 Commander Clarence Anderberg----Adjutant Hans Peterson 1936 Commander John T. Ackerman, Sr.----Adjutant Hans Peterson 1937 Commander H. Drenttel----Adjutant R. Otis Marvick 1938 Commander Frank Loehr----Adjutant R. Otis Marvick 1939 Commander L.E. Lundgren----Adjutant K.G. Fader
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Post Officials-1940s

Jan 1, 1940
1940 Commander Elmer Hustad----Adjutant K.G. Fader 1941 Commander Herb Hegna----Adjutant L.L. Raymond 1942 Commander S.A. Kirk----Adjutant L.L. Raymond 1943 Commander Walter Hatling----Adjutant L.L. Raymond 1944 Commander H.B. Dickerson-----Adjutant S.A. Kirk 1945 Commander Axel Johnson-----Adjutant S.A. Kirk 1946 Commander Elroy Baxter-----Adjutant S.A. Kirk 1947 Commander L.L. Raymond-----Adjutant S.A. Kirk 1948 Commander F.X. Clarey----Adjutant Aber Torvick 1949 Commander Oscar Bergerson----Adjutant Jack Adams
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Post Officials, Membership, Quota-1950s

Jan 1, 1950
1950 Commander John T. Ackerman, Jr.----Adjutant Kervyn Hagen---Membership 242---Goal 286 1951 Commander Irvine M. Cameron----Adjutant Howard O. Wolf---Membership 222---Goal 286 1952 Commander Darrell E. Walsh----Adjutant Howard O. Wolf---Membership 268---Goal 286 1953 Commander Dr. E.A. Misterek---Adjutant Howard O. Wolf---Membership 231---Goal 286 1954 Commander J.A. Dady----Adjutant Howard O. Wolf---Membership 194---Goal 277 1955 Commander Sherman Sampson----Adjutant Howard O. Wold---Membership 254---Goal 295 1956 Commander Howard O. Wolf----Adjutant C.G. Christianson---Membership 275---Goal 274 1957 Commander Kervyn Hagen----Adjutant Donald Pratt---Membership 277---Goal 274..
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S.A. Kirk Elected State Commander

Jun 1, 1955
S.A. Kirk of Sisseton Post 50 was elected State Commander.
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Post Officials, Membership, Goals-1960s

Jan 1, 1960
1960 Commander Edwin P. Hagen, Jr.----Adjutant Don P. Miller---Membership 391---Goal 322 1961 Commander Melvin Ellis----Adjutant Don P. Miller---Membership 379---Goal 351 1962 Commander Marvin Mackner----Adjutant Arnold Werdal---Membership 384---Goal 351 1963 Commander Richard Lucas----Adjutant C.G. Christianson---Membership 375---Goal 351 1964 Commander Don P. Miller----Adjutant Richard W. Lucas---Membership 384---Goal 351 1965 Commander Anton Peterson----Adjutant Richard W. Lucas---Membership 356---Goal 351 1966 Commander Raymond Pederson----Adjutant Richard W. Lucas---Membership 324---Goal 351 1967 Commander Edward Buck----Adjutant Richard W. Lucas---Membership 360---Goal 355 1968 Commander..
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Mackner Elected State Commander

Jun 1, 1969
The Sisseton Post was honored to have Marvin Mackner elected as State Department for the 1969-1970 term. During his one year service to the state American Legion, Marvin traveled throughout the state to visit and assist the American Legion Posts.
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Post Officials, Membership, Goals-1970s

Jan 1, 1970
1970 Commander Duane Jensen----Adjutant S.A. Kirk---Membership 370---Goal 355 1971 Commander Duane Jensen----Adjutant S.A. Kirk---Membership 370---Goal 355 1972 Commander Ernest Goehring----Adjutant S.A. Kirk---Membership 371---Goal 355 1973 Commander Ed Thielke----Adjutant S.A. Kirk---Membership 370---Goal 355 1974 Commander Orville Bubak----Adjutant S.A. Kirk---Membership 394---Goal 355 1975 Commander Cecil Stagman----Adjutant S.A. Kirk---Membership 382---Goal 355 1976 Commander Ted Joachim----Adjutant S.A. Kirk---Membership 388---Goal 355 1977 Commander Harlen Hammer----Adjutant S.A. Kirk---Membership 373---Goal 355 1978 Commander Milton From----Adjutant Magnus Tasa---Membership 383---Goal 355 1979 Commander Darrell..
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Post Officials, Membership, Goals--1980s

Jan 1, 1980
1980 Commander Robert Johnston----Adjutant Merlyn Kracke---Membership 354---Goal 382 1981 Commander Monte Markeseth----Adjutant Bill Olson---Membership 333---Goal 381 1982 Commander Harry Thompson, Jr.----Adjutant Wayne Cooper---Membership 300---Goal 373 1983 Commander Ted Yochim----Adjutant Harry Thompson, Jr.---Membership 283---Goal 356 1984 Commander Milton Leiseth----Adjutant Harry Thompson, Jr.---Membership 268---Goal 329 1985 Commander Andrew Schneider----Adjutant Harry Thompson, Jr.---Membership 287---Goal 305 1986 Commander Wesley Hanson----Adjutant Harry Thompson, Jr.---Membership 295---Goal 284 1987 Commander Wayne Cooper----Adjutant Andrew Schneider---Membership 299---Goal 293 1988 Commander Richard A. Glynn----Adjutant Andrew..
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Post Officials, Membership, Goals--1990s

Jan 1, 1990
1990 Commander Melvin Makinson----Adjutant Andrew Schneider---Membership ---Goal 306 1991 Commander Tom Sherman 1992 Commander M.J. Rabenberg 1993 Commander Leon Palmer 1994-1996 Commander Bernard Rolstad----Adjutant Doug Carl 1997-1998 Commander Max Sckerl----Adjutant Doug Carl 1999 Commander Don Carl----Adjutant Doug Carl
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Rolstad Elected State Vice Commander

Jun 1, 1997
Bernard Rolstad of Sisseton Post 50 was elected State Vice Commander.
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Post Officials, Membership, Goals-2000s

Jan 1, 2000
2000 Commander Don Carl----Adjutant Doug Carl 2001 Commander Don Carl----Adjutant Doug Carl 2002 Commander James Pickthorn----Adjutant Doug Carl 2003 Commander Merlyn Landmark----Adjutant Doug Carl 2004 Commander Merlyn Landmark----Adjutant Doug Carl 2005 Commander Michael Schreiner----Adjutant Doug Carl 2006 Commander Michael Schreiner----Adjutant Doug Carl 2007 Commander Neil Long----Adjutant Ted Yochim 2008 Commander Neil Long----Adjutant Ted Yochim 2009 Commander Neil Long----Adjutant Ted Yochim
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Post Officials, Membership, Goals-2010s

Jan 1, 2010
2010 Commander Neil Long---Adjutant Ted Yochim---Membership 277---Goal 293 2011 Commander Frank Karst---Adjutant Ted Yochim---Membership 273---Goal 2012 Commander Frank Karst---Adjutant Ted Yochim---Membership 267---Goal 2013 Commander Frank Karst----Adjutant Mike Jensen---Membership 264---Goal 286 2014 Commander Joe George----Adjutant M. Jensen, P. George---Membership 241---Goal 274 2015 Commander Joe George----Adjutant Phil George---Membership 233---Goal 284 2016 Commander Joe George----Adjutant Phil George---Membership 234---Goal 298
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