Post 330 Waynesburg , Pennsylvania

Post 330

Waynesburg , Pennsylvania

Post 330 Waynesburg , Pennsylvania

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For those of you who have ever wondered who James L. Farrell was.  He was the first Greene County, Pennsylvania resident killed in World War I.  James was born September 01, 1899 and sacrificed his life along with 57 other men that later became known in Greene County community as our Rain Day Boys.  In 1932 the Daughters of the American Revolution dedicated and donated to the American Legion Post 330 a  monument with his name, along with others from Greene County that fought in World War I along Route 88.  He is buried in Saint Ann's Cemetry.  Our membership is honored to carry on legacy of service to our county.   If you are interested in more details or information speak with one of the Officers of the James L. Farrell American Legion Post 330. 



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Jul 20, 1921

James Farrell Post 330 Charted date.  The Post is named in honor of the first Greene County resident to die in France on July 27, 1918 during World War I.  James Farrell would be the first of 57 Greene County men die this week.  These 58 men later became known to the local Greene County residents as the Rain Day Boys.  

In memory of the members of Company K, 110th Infantry, who fought and those..

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