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2017 Veteran's Day Parade float in Albany Oregon

Post 58  Stayton, Oregon

November 11, 2017

Start Time:

Meet at Stayton Oregon Park&Ride to convoy to Albany Oregon Veteran's Day parade route to set up the float, make breakfast, and stand ready for the parade in our designated position in the line-up.

We meet at 0830, convoy to the Albany assembly area, participate in the parade with banners and flags flying, disassemble and store the flags and banners at the end of the parade, then drive over to the Albany Post Home for their free spaghetti feed at the close of the parade. We then return to the Stayton Park&Ride to have our riders and walkers go home.

The Albany Veteran's Day Parade is the largest parade west of the Mississippi River. There are thousands of people in the parade, and tens of thousands in the crowd along the route. This parade has been going on for decades, and most of Oregon's military units have a presence or fly-over during the event. The governor, National Guard Staff and dignitaries are usually on the reviewing stand for this event. Many of us former Guard members have marched in this parade since we were much younger. Now we get to ride on a float and wave at the people assembled to honor those who have gone before us. The Parade starts at 11:11 on 11/11/yy. This event concludes our 7 parade cycle for the year.

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