The American Legion Home School, Ponca City, Oklahoma dedication and formal opening Sunday, June 17, 1928. E. W. Marland, Chairman Dedication Committee Hanner-Sharp American Legion Post 129 Stillwater share of donation $2,640. All Oklahoma Post had a share of the total to be donated of $180,000 based on a $10 per member for the membership of the state between June 25 and June 30, 1928.



E.W. Marland and W.H. McFadden True Benefactors of American Legion Children's Home


Unselfish Co-Operation Marks Work for Opening Home School


Outstanding work by Mrs I. M. Rittenhouse


The 4 women who will mother the 40 children of the American Legion Children's Home


For the Children of Today--Old Soldiers of Tomorrow


Stepping Stones for the future


The Marland Billet is on left and McFadden Billet the 3rd from right


Outstanding American Legion Leaders Wesley Nunn, Jim Hatcher, Commander Frank Douglass and ted Petit


Figures and Facts the Legion Must Face


The Department of Oklahoma efforts to raise funds


Oklahoma Post share of the contributions for $180,000


Program for opening of American Legion Children's Home in Ponca City, OK


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