Joe Carson Post 1 members interested in the "La Societe des 40 Hommes et 8 Chevaux" more commonly called the "Forty and Eight" applied for and were approved as local Voiture 185 on 21 February 1922. An article in the November 22, 1922 Tulsa World about Voiture 185 described the Forty and Eight as "a national organization of legionnaires who have performed meritorious service for the legion and are active in its behalf." The article also observed that the Forty and Eight served as "the playground of the legion." In contrast to the American Legion, which could set a serious tone at its meetings, the 40 and 8 emphasized fun along with service. Many members of Post 1 were life-long members of Voiture 185. The Post 1 archives contain entertaining photos and descriptions of the antics of the members of this organization over the years.

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