Commander:                          Richard Felder – T. McArdle

1st Vice Commander:              Thomas McArdle

2nd Vice Commander:             Alden Russell

3rd Vice Commander:             Fred Slate

Adjutant:                                Maurice Simpson

Finance Officer:                       Roswell Lillie

Service Officer:                       Sam Guerrieri

Historian:                                Clinton Jones

Chaplain:                                Frank Aiken

Sgt at Arms:                            Harold Kernehan

            Membership dues increased at convention so local dues for 1950 to be $3.50 for year.  Ed Patterson’s dues to be paid by the Post.  Redwood Post invited John B. Lyman Post to celebrate Armistice Day at their post and we accepted.  Decision to celebrate Armistice Day in conjunction with Redwood, Hammond and Theresa was made.  In 1950 it will be held in Hammond; Theresa in 1951, Alex Bay in 1952 and Redwood again in 1953.  Comrade Felder resigns as Commander in November 1949 and Comrade McArdle is elected Commander.  Over 500 bags of candy were given out at the Christmas party.  Numerous donations of money were given to help buy candy and a star for the top of the tree was donated by Garlock Construction Co.

            A bull head supper put on by Carl Jobson realized a profit of $12.  At January 23rd meeting a report of 124 paid up memberships.  Commander expressed thanks to Comrade Russell and other members of the Post for their fine turn out at Comrade Dobbins funeral.

            A St. Patrick’s Day Dance realized a profit $111.65.  Plans are underway for a minstrel show with Paul Davis as chairmen.  Also a car will be raffled off at the fair during the summer.  Net profit from the show was $180.20.  From TI Sun “Supervisor Lowell Fitzsimmons, asked the members of the Post to consider a request for the use of the Legion rooms as meeting place for the proposed cub scouts.  This program will receive the same support as does the local scout troop in being sponsored by the Legion”(the formation of the Cub Pack and the continued sponsoring organization role for scouting; that makes Troop 65 – seventy-one years old and Pack 65 -sixty-eight years old as of 2019)



Commander:                          Alden Russell – John Kernehan

1st Vice Commander:              John Kernehan

2nd Vice Commander:             Carl Carpenter Sr.

3rd Vice Commander:             Maurice Simpson

Adjutant:                                Maurice Simpson

Finance Officer:                       Thomas McArdle

Service Officer:                       Sam Guerrieri

Historian:                                Clinton Jones

Chaplain:                                Charles Mitchell

Sgt at Arms:                            Miller Hartman

            It was reported at first meeting in Sept. that $948.73 was cleared from the car raffle.  A committee was appointed to work with the Glee club in putting on a Minstrel show.

            Due to some misuse of the building by people who use the rooms for meetings it was decided to have a supervisor for each time the building is used by an organization.  Malcom Lee volunteered to take over as janitor for one month.  It was voted to pay $700 on the mortgage at this time.

            The Legion decided to sponsor the oratorical contest and give $5 to winner.  Comrade Carl Jobson offered his service as Janitor of the building and to make enough money to pay his own salary with the Legion buying the oil.

            Commander Russell submitted his letter of resignation from Commander at the Dec 26th meeting.  Comrade Russell states that his job makes it impossible for him to attend meetings.  Comrade John Kernehan will be the new Commander.

            A St. Patrick Day Dance was held and the expenses out-weighed the profit.  Some discussion about opening a bar was held and Comrade Lewis Estes was appointed to contact the A.B.C. Board about a license.  It was learned the board had declared a moratorium on liquor licenses for at least 2 months so this was tabled till later.  (The first Post oratorical contest and the first discussions about opening a bar at the club)




Due to several reason’s the Post had Commanders serving only partial terms during this time.

            Commander Kenneth Edgar resigned in February and 1st Vice Commander Richard Felder filled out term and was elected Commander in June 1949 but found it necessary to resign in November.

            First Vice Commander Tom McArdle filled out his term till June 1950.

            Alden Russell was elected Commander for the year 1950-1951 but found it necessary to resign in December 1950.

            First Vice Commander John Kernehan was appointed to fill out Comrade Russell’s term as Commander.


Commander:                          George Brown

1st Vice Commander:              Maurice Simpson

2nd Vice Commander:             Martin Reynolds

3rd Vice Commander:             Cyril Lee

Adjutant:                                Lyle Wagoner

Finance Officer:                       Francis Fitzgerald

Service Officer:                       Sam Guerrieri

Historian:                                Clinton Jones

Chaplain:                                Kenneth Scott

SSgt at Arms:                          Paul Davis

            Very little use is being made of the building and Comrade Jobson felt it did not warrant a janitor.  No meeting held in April as not enough members were present.  Attendance has been poor at post meetings.

            The sale of soft drinks and peanuts at the ball games netted $50.  Discussion on discontinuing the open house at the Legion every evening if attendance doesn’t improve.  Money has been contributed to the program “Toys for Children Across.”

            At April 1952 meeting it was voted to send one boy to Boy’s State at Colgate University with the stipulation that the boy report to the Legion and the High school assembly on his return.  Earl King will represent the Legion this year.

            Commander Brown appointed Alden Russell Parade Marshall and William Strough Sgt in charge of Firing Squad and Color Guard for Memorial Day.

            Comrade Gould Lyman move that Post endorse George Brown for County Commander. Carried (support for Boy’s state evident with both ACS and Post 904 in 1952. Strong reason it REMAINS a very successful program at the Post. Earl King as a counselor at Boy’s state is also a tradition of Post members)


Commander:                          Lewis Estes

1st Vice Commander:              Maurice Simpson

2nd Vice Commander:             Martin Reynolds

3rd Vice Commander:             J.H. Hunt

Adjutant:                                Henry Collins

Finance Officer:                       Anson Hawley

Service Officer:                       Sam Guerrieri

Historian:                                Clinton Jones

Chaplain:                                Wilmot Keeler

Sgt at Arms:                            William Strough

            The first meeting was held September 8th with 18 members present.  It was voted to have the Post sponsor an Oratorical contest at local school.  Prices to be $5, $3 and $2 respectively.  Auxiliary and members to bring old utensils to post to build up supply.  Also need shelves built to hold supplies.  Comrade John Langlois and Malcom Hutchinson will do this.

            The post and Auxiliary will have a membership drive for each unit and the loser will put on a dinner for the winner.

            Commander announced that 2nd week in November will be designated as Legion week with the following activities:

            Sunday November 9th             - cleaning of the Post

            Monday November 10th         -Open House for the Public

            Tuesday November 11th         - Parade in am. Open House in afternoon and Dance at                         Convention Hall in evening  

            Wednesday November 12th    - Auxiliary night

            Thursday November 13th        - Mixed Group entertainment

            Friday November 14th             - public Fish Supper

            Saturday 15th                          - Tag Day by Auxiliary

            Memorial Service held at Post in Honor of Cyril Heath Jr. Public invited.

            Finance Officer reported in November that all bills are paid and Legion now operating in the black.  A rummage sale is being conducted and children’s clothes and coats are needed.  Comrade L Wagoner was thanked for the cupboard and glasses he donated to the Legion.

                        Christmas candy was boxed at December 8th meeting.  It was purchased from Baum’s Variety Store for price of $45.  The Christmas party for the children of the community will be December 22nd at 7pm.  Miss Joyce Newberry will represent the Legion January 14, 1953 at the Jefferson County Oratorical contest.  Post will furnish her transportation along with $5 prize money.

                        At March 23th meeting Committee Chairman Basil Lockwood reports $200 cleared from St. Patrick Day Dance.  A joint social party with Auxiliary will be held march 28th Lunch to be brought in plain shoe box, try to bring another couple.

                        Plans are underway for Department Commander’s Dinner to be held in Alexandria Bay on April 27 and International Good Will Day at Clayton May 23rd.  It was reported about 300 attended Dept. Commander’s Dinner.  Rising a vote of thanks to Comrade Brown for his work done for the Post this year and also the County. 


From the TI Sun 1954 “R. H. Roy was elected Commander of John B. Lyman Post 904 at the regular Legion meeting held Monday night.  Commander Lawrence Cole conducted the meeting.

                        Officers elected to serve with Mr. Roy for the coming year were; Wilmot Keeler, first vice Commander; Anson Hawley, 2nd vice Commander; Basil Lockwood 3rd Vice Commander and finance officer; Lawrence Blevins Jr. Chaplain; Lewis Estes, service officer; Kenneth Scott, sergeant at arms.  R.H. Roy, Wilmot Keeler and Kenneth Blevins Jr. were named as delegates.  Anson Hawley, George Brown and Arthur Hines were chosen as alternate delegates.” (Oratorical contestants excel, Department Commander’s dinner; first constitution and by-laws approved)



Commander:                          Lawrence Cole

1st Vice Commander:              Anson Hawley

2nd Vice Commander:             R. Roy

3rd Vice Commander:             W. Keeler

Adjutant:                                Lyle Wagoner – Arthur Hines

Finance Officer:                       Basal Lockwood

Service Officer:                       Lewis Estes

Chaplain:                                Kenneth Blevins

Sgt at Arms:                            Arthur Hines

Historian:                                Alden Russell

            Commander Cole reported on success of banquet for Pee Wee League.  Comrade John Kernehan was given free membership for 1953-1954 to compensate for injuries received in Legion Ball game.

            Legion is to hold its annual picnic at Heffermans on Oct. 4th.  It was also voted replace the phone in the Legion Rooms.  Frank Reynolds gave a detailed report on his week at Boys State at the September 28 meeting.  It was voted to change locks on Legion rooms and make Key available for each member.  All members are to meet at the Legion rooms at 9am to attend Armistice Celebration at Redwood.  A committee has been appointed to investigate leak in sewer system and to make any necessary repairs.  The Rotary Club Model Airplane club has been given permission to use club rooms one night a week.  As many members as can, are asked to attend the military funeral of Comrade Vilas Hunt. 

A representative of Alexandria Bay Youth Program George Brown requested use of the Legion rooms one night a week to show movies to the children of the community. The request was granted as long as there was a responsible Legionnaire present.  Comrades Roy, Hartman, R. Felder and Wilmot Keeler were commended for their work done in refinishing the floors.  Profit from tip up derby in early January was $59.64.

The Post voted to adopt the Constitution and By-Laws as presented to the Post by Committee chairman Arthur Hines.

                        Comrade Chaltain reports 2nd Tip up Derby shows profit of $120

            At February 28th meeting Comrade Hines reported on receiving official notice from Judge Advocate of the Dept. of NY that the Constitution and By-Laws as submitted to the post were approved by the Department.  Copies are to be made did submitted to each member.

                        Alexandria Bay School Band of 40 members will accompany the Post to Good Will Day at Kingston, Canada. (support for Baseball, Legion Baseball, youth programs, community programs and sharing of post home are noted here. Approval of Post constitution and by-laws become governing rules until amended)



Commander:                          Harry Roy

1st Vice Commander:              Wilmot Keeler

2nd Vice Commander:             Anson Hawley

3rd Vice Commander:             Basil Lockwood

Adjutant:                                Lewis Estes

Service Officer:                       Lewis Estes, Martin Reynolds

Historian:                                Lawrence Cole

Chaplain:                                Kenneth Blevins Jr.

            A covered dish supper was served by the Auxiliary to the Legion members prior to the May 10th meeting.  County Commander ted Rand visited the Post and installed officers for the coming year.  He also gave a short talk and Commended the Post for their excellent work on membership this past year.  He also reported on High School students attending Government Day in the City.  Legion voted to help with stands for the Marathon.  Commander reports that Barny Hodges claims property Legion steps are on belongs to him and he wishes to give the Legion a 99-year lease for one dollar.  Committee appointed to investigate this.  Good will Day will be held in Alexandria Bay May 14, 1955 and Alden Russell appointed Parade Marshall for the same.  Lewis Estes resigned as Adjutant and Service officer, as he is leaving town.  Martin Reynolds appointed service officer.  Douglas Cullen reported on his trip to Boy’s State at Oct. meeting.

            It was voted to charge $15 a day for use of building while voting machines were being guarded.  Unable to have Jan 10th meeting due to only 3 members present.

TI SUN MAY 13, 1954- Douglas Cullen, son of Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Cullen, Alexandria Bay, has been selected to attend Boys State at Colgate University Jan 27 – July 3.  He will be sponsored by John B. Lyman Post 904 American Legion. (evidence the post active in student education with boy’s state and Government day, use of post home for civic reasons)


Commander:                          Henry Collins

1st Vice Commander:              Kenneth Blevins

2nd Vice Commander:             Ivan Strough

3rd Vice Commander:             Miller Hartman

Adjutant:                                Anson Hawley

Chaplain:                                Kenneth Blevins Jr.

Finance Officer:                       Garath Nicholson – B. Lockwood

Sgt at Arms:                            Robert Taylor

Historian:                                Lawrence Cole

Service Officer:                       Harry Roy

            Walt Wood Jr. was appointed to go to Boys State this year.  Good Will Day was held May 14th Smorgasbord and Cocktail party held in Fire hall and reviewing stand was at the Post.  $176.48 was made by the Post.  Oct. Plans being made for a Fish Chowder supper on Oct. 12.  A help Alden Russell day has been set for Sunday 16th.  Nov.  Motion made and carried to buy a ledger large enough to keep all members names and years of membership in.  About 90 memberships have been received to date.  Comrade Lockwood appointed Finance Officer as Comrade Nicholson is moving away from the area.  Dec. Organizations have been contributing money to help defray the cost of the community Christmas Tree put on by the Legion.  Jan. Only $32 was realized from the first Tip Up Derby.  It was thought this was due to the extreme cold weather Feb. Second Tip up Derby made a profit of $108.  The new membership ledger has been set up.  A Stag party will be held Feb 10th and a corn Beef dinner on Feb 14th.  Legion Rooms are to be used by School for kindergarten classes.  March St. Patrick’s Day Dance will be March 16th.  A membership of 148 members at this time. April Following prices submitted to the school for use of rooms.  Fuel $100 per month, Lights $15 and Janitor services $24 per month. (supporting the community and the children)


Commander:                          Basil Lockwood

1st Vice Commander:              Kenneth Blevins

2nd Vice Commander:             Leonard Felder

3rd Vice Commander:            

Adjutant:                                Douglas Chaltain

Chaplain:                                Kenneth Blevins Jr.

Finance Officer:                       Clifford Dobbins

Sgt at Arms:                            Richard Felder

Historian:                                George Brown

Service Officer:                       Harry Roy

            Robert McMane, the 1956 Delegate to Boys State gave a report on the activities of that week.  Oct. Committee reports are Membership 60.  Finance report outstanding bills are Garlocks $39.23; Interest on loan $76; Telephone $9.52; Henrys Market 75.22; 1000 Island sun 98.65; Leo Pharoah 200.00

Nov. & Dec Christmas tree will be decorated on Dec 9th at 10am. The Community Tree will be Dec 21 at 7pm at Convention Hall.  Richard Felder will be Santa. Feb Financial report $53.27 St. Patrick’s Day Dance to be March 16th “riders of Southern Trail” March, April A profit of $144.94 was realized from the dance reports all bills paid with balance of $52.63 Bull head supper to be held April 5th with Gary Service acting as Chairman.  May The receipts from the Bull head dinner were $31.25.  The nominating committee appointed to draw up slate of officers for the upcoming year.


Commander:                          Kenneth Blevins Jr.

1st Vice Commander:              Clinton Jones

2nd Vice Commander:             Douglas Chaltain

3rd Vice Commander:             Sam Guerrieri

Adjutant:                                Richard Felder

Chaplain:                                Paul Davis

Finance Officer:                       Clifford Dobbins

Sgt at Arms:                            Frank Cavillario

Historian:                                George Brown

Service Officer:                       Basil Lockwood

            Clint Rappole is delegate to Boys State for this year of 1957.  A total of $314 was received from Hot Dog Stand at the marathon Races.  Motion was made and carried that the Commander be given $15 per day for 3 days to attend the New York State Legion Convention at Syracuse. Nov.  Only 10 members at meeting.  Have a total of 68 members at this time.  Discussions was held on Stag Party, Candy for Christmas, Christmas tree, County meeting and New Year’s Party. Dec. Stag party will be held on Dec. 13th closing time to be 2am and refreshments pea soup.  Jan. It was noted that Joe White would try keeping rooms open for a while on a 50-50 basis.  Feb St. Patrick’s Day Dance is scheduled for March 17th.  The committee will consist of Anson Hawley, J. Pickert, M. Hartman, R. DeThomas, J. Strough, and Don Felder.  Floor managers will be Richard Felder, Henry Collins and Lyle Wagoner.  Ticket takers were Ernest Reynolds and Gould Lyman.  Decorations for the Dance will be done Sunday afternoon.  April Dance netted $154.  Membership is now 120.  Bill Johnson will be 1958 Delegate to Boys State.  Installations of officers at next meeting.



Commander:                          Anson Hawley

1st Vice Commander:              Ted Parker

2nd Vice Commander:             Douglas Parker

Adjutant:                                Henry Collins

Chaplain:                                Basil Lockwood

Finance Officer:                       Clifford Dobbins

Sgt at Arms:                            Lawrence Cole

Historian:                                George Brown

Service Officer:                       Basil Lockwood

            Sept Balance on hand before bills are paid is $200.83.  Legion Picnic will be held at Krings Point State Park on September 28th.4135.45

Oct.  Nine members present.  Finance report $207.04 with all bills paid.  Bingo profits $135.45.  Armed Forces Day Parade will be held at Cape Vincent on November 11th.  All to meet at school grounds @ 2:45 pm.  Nov. Legion and Auxiliary to put on Smorgasbord Dinner Sunday Dec. 7th.  Bingo to be held Thursday evenings starting Dec 4th.  Dec. Christmas tree and lights will be checked for Sat. before Christmas.  Hope to get contributions from other organizations to help defray costs.  Jan. Bingo games discontinued as of January 8th because of lack of attendance and loss of money.  John Makepeace consented to put on a show of about 1 ½ hours in length sometime in Feb.  membership only 80 at this time.  There will be a military funeral for Myrand Wood, Guard to meet train in Redwood and escort body to bay.  March Legion profit on Makepeace show was $109.58.  Membership is up to 97.  April Poor attendance at meetings during month of April.  Total Legion membership is 115.  Officers were elected for the coming year.

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