The Post moved to the Town Hall in the spring of 1925. They had a yearly lease with the town that was renewed each year for ten years.  At that point, the Town had grown, and they needed the room.  The Post moved across the street to the bowling alley, then known as Kyle &  Little.  This move lasted about three years until they moved back to the Town Hall and used the Fireman's rooms.

In 1948 the Legion was again asked to vacate their quarters because the school was going to use the rooms for additional classrooms because of overcrowding at the school.  At that point, the members decided it was time to own a place of their own. 

There were several places available during the summer of 1949, and they made an offer for a house on Frew Run.  However, The people in the District decided they did not want a Legion in their neighborhood, and the offer was withdrawn.  They looked at several places in Frewsburg and Fentonville.  It was at this time that Harry Kline offered a free 1-acre lot on what is now Meadow Lane. Mr. Kline asked that the Legion stand the cost of getting a search and all legal work.  The Legion accepted the offer at once, and a new building was planned.


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