1953 Nashua, Main St.


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Lindsay, head of convention corporation.


Dept. Convention Corporatiion


Dion, Post 3 Commander 1953-54


Welcome Legionnaires


1953 Conventon planners


Planning the wrestling show.


Wrestling ad.


Weary but happy planners.


Parade & Drum Corp. committee.


Vaudeville ad.


Dance ad.


Get Together ad.


State commander


National Commander


Welcoming Delegates.


Guest Pass


Greet Past National Commander


Distiguished dinner guests.


Convention Banquet.


Installation of new Dept. officers.


Walter Johnston new Dept Commander 1953-54


1953-6-22 Telegraph - Convention Parade


1953-6-22 Telegraph - Convention Parade


Drum Majorette


Time Passages - Nashua Centennial Birthday Bash


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