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Post 32  Papillion, Nebraska




CHARTER DATE: April 23, 1934

POST NAMESAKE: Harry Bossard


NOTABLE MEMBERS: Original Charter Members: William E. Meacham; O.H. Magaret; Fred R. Lamb; Ralph J. Nickerson; Ray S. West; Roy L. Bossard;.. Read more »

WHAT MAKES OUR POST UNIQUE: We are centrally located in the heart of downtown Papillion, Nebraska. Our address Street name has the 16th Presidents name in it. Only Post in Nebraska to hold its early meetings out of a dentist's office by the name of.. Read more »

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While the American Legion was holding their temporary headquarters in New York, Papillion, Nebraska was recognized to be an American Legion Post on this date in history. We would began holding our meetings out of a local business dentist office by the name of Dr. Ord. Full story »
This timeline is to represent and honor all of our past Post Commander's that have done great things and have enabled our Post to continually grow while serving not only our Veterans but our community as well. Being a past Post Commander is a distinguished honor that not everyone is cut out to perform. The main objective of the Post Commander is to continue the good traditions and values of your post, and perform all activities and functions within the best interest of the American Legion. Below is a list of past post commander from 1920 to the present: 1920-Dr... Full story »
It wasn't until 1934, that American Legion Post 32 became a chartered Post. Full story »
While originally organized to assist The American Legion, the Auxiliary has achieved its own unique identity while working side-by-side with the veterans who belong to The American Legion. Like the Legion, the Auxiliary’s interests have broadened to encompass the entire community. Full story »
100 new members joined Post 32 in 1946 Full story »
It wasn't until 1947 when Post 32 finally found a place to call home. Foundation had been laid and by Oct. 9th, 1947 the Post was still looking to finish what was and still is a great piece of history for the City of Papillion in Nebraska. Full story »
This photo was taken sometime during the year of 1947. Full story »
The American Legion's support for Boy Scouts of America began at the Legion’s first national convention in 1919. Today, Legion posts sponsor more than 2,500 Scouting units across the country. This is natural for Legionnaires, who bring their service-learned skills and experiences as veterans to help build character and positive traits in our country’s youth. Few other post activities generate more goodwill from the community. The Legion annually honors the Eagle Scout of the Year.. Full story »
After the American Legion Auxiliary became chartered in 1934, the ladies decided to celebrate their 50th Anniversary of being an American Legion Auxiliary Unit of Post 32. Full story »
The Sons of the American Legion is a patriotic service organization formed on September 12–15, 1932. The S.A.L. is made up of boys and men of all ages whose parents or grandparents served in the United States Armed Forces during times specified by the American Legion. The Sons of the American Legion's mission to serve veterans, the military and their families is carried out through its hundreds of outreach programs delivered by its members, volunteers.. Full story »
We at American Legion Post 32, had the awesome pleasure of listening to Kris Paronto speak at this year's birthday dinner. For those of you that may not know who Kris Paronto is, he is a soldier that participated in the 13 hours of Benghazi. He lost four of his men that night during that 13 hour gun battle. Chris gave us a rundown and timeline of that whole evening. Kris also has a book.. Full story »
Because of the amount of traffic that comes with a growing city, the City of Papillion decided they needed to expand on Lincoln Street in the downtown area and heading West. The city started the Lincoln Street project on March 21, 2017. This project was to consist of expanding the street to three lanes of traffic one each direction with a turn lane down the middle. As you had further west on Lincoln Street they.. Full story »