Friday, Jan. 14, 1938 – Installation of Officers was held on Friday night Jan 14, 1938. District Commander Ernest Yarbraugh took charge of the installation and presented charter to Commander Bowden. Other District Officers present were Watters District Adj; Frehacke Sergeant at Arms. Other members of Hamilton Post #47 present were Estel, Hauf, Kinck, (and) Haight. The Officers of this post installed were as follows:
Dudley Bowden – Commander
Gilbert Chaffin – Vice Commander
Earl Hall – Adjutant
Sidney Johnson – Sergeant at Arms
George Rasmussen – Service Officer
Parson Pile – Chaplain
Maurice Holloron – Historian
Willard Hall – Finance Officer
There were seven officers present and eleven members present. After the officers were installed Commander Bowden took charge of the meeting.
After some discussion as to regular meeting nights it was decided to meet the first and third Fridays of each month. The question of Post Colors was brought up. Watters from Hamilton offered to loan us a small set until we were in a position to buy some. At this time the meeting was adjourned and a lunch was served consisting of sandwiches and beer. Everyone apparently enjoying themselves.

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