Post 87 was organized by WW1 Veterans on 5/27/1920 and is believed to have been chartered in 1923. The original charter is believed to have been a temporary document. A permanent charter was established in 1981.

The original WW1 Post members held their meetings above a Lumber/hardware store located
near the present day Manhattan State Bank on Broadway Street.

One of the most visible community projects that Post 87 members and the entire community accomplished during the early years, was the construction of the Meadow View Cemetery road in 1929. This project was organized by Post 87 members, who conceived the project and convinced the community to join with them. Until Post 87 Legionnaires and community volunteers built this road, only a muddy trail existed into the Cemetery, making access very difficult. After the road was completed, all weather access to the Cemetery was at last possible.

Post 87 membership peaked at 26 members in the years before WWII. After WWII, between 1946 and 1948, many Veterans returned to the Manhattan area and joined Post 87. These Legionnaires converted a log structure that was once the Independent Press(local newspaper at the time) into a bar. Behind and separate from the log structure, they also constructed the current Post 87 building. This building was originally used as a dance hall, meeting place and reception hall and hosted boxing matches and gambling activities. The bar remained in the log structure until 1971. In 1971, the log structure was demolished and the bar was moved into the larger building behind it.

Post membership peaked at 163 members during the 1950s, then spiraled down to only 39 members in the late 1980s. Along with decreasing membership in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the building had also fallen into a state of disrepair, Post 87 faced a bleak future. Starting in 1993, things began to turn around for Post 87, new members joined bringing revitalized leadership to the post. A long term renovation and remodeling program was started for the Post building. Post members completed structural repairs where needed and completely remodeled the building's interior. Upgrade projects for the Post building continue today.

A successful campaign to attract new members began in the 1990s. Our recruiting efforts since then, have resulted in an all time high of 175 members in March 2013. Financial problems had plagued Post 87 during the years of decline. Post membership and their leaders have now instituted standard budgeting and accounting procedures supported by an array of fundraising activities and programs to insure our continued good financial health.

Post 87 is fortunate to have a vibrant American Legion Auxiliary and Sons-of-the-American Legion organization that is very supportive of all Post 87 activities and programs. Today, Post 87 is active in the community, sponsoring and supporting programs that benefit local Veterans and their families.

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