Post 96 Hutchinson, MN, Minnesota

Post 96

Hutchinson, MN, Minnesota

Post 96 Hutchinson, MN, Minnesota

About This Post

Post Namesake

The members decided not to give the Post a namesake.

Notable Members

The first American G.I. to step off the plank and plant his foot on British soil was Pfc. Milburn H. Henke of the 34th Infantry Division from Hutchinson, MN.

What Makes this Post Unique

We have a membership of many members from all services and all time periods. Old and young our members work together for the benefit of Veterans and Currently Service Military Members. Hutchinson Post 96 has had 3 MN Department Commanders.  ... READ MORE




Hutchinson Post 96 Chartered

Oct 20, 1920

On October 20, 1920, Dr. A.J. Thompson, Cavalryman and Veterinarian became the first Commander of Post 96, Hutchinson, Minnesota.

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Iver Iverson Becomes Post 96 Commander

Iver Iverson Becomes Post 96 Commander

Oct 1, 1925

 World War 1 Veteran Iver Iverson who served in the U.S. Army's 133 Ambulance Company, and Son of John and Susan Iverson. Iver was married to Gena (Smith). They had two children. He was publisher of several newspapers in North Dakota. When he moved to Hutchinson he stated the Hutchinson Press which later became the Hutchinson Leader. Iver and..

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Post Members Headed For Korea

Jan 1, 1947

Garfield Krasean, Commander 1946-47, Tom Koepper later Commander 1964-65, and Roland Mielke 1947-48 were commanders and 1SGT of Company B, Red Bulls, and were deployed to Korea.

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