To Harrison Fuller 

State Chairman of the American Legion State of Minnesota

We the undersigned here by certify that we have served in the military or naval forces of the United States between April 6 1917 and November 11 1918 are are entitled to membership in THE AMERICAN LEGION under Article II of the Constition as above quoted. We hereby request the issuance of a charter for the formation of a Post at Slayton Minnesota to be known as Erwin March Post, State of Minnesota, No. 64. ON the issuance of a charter we hereby agree to organize and maintain a Post under the above name with a minimum membership of fifteen. We hereby further agree to uphold the principles of THE AMERICAN LEGION and to comply with all rules and regulations prescribed by the State and National Organizations of the Legion.

A.H. Engebretson, F.A. March, H.C. Flynn, Brimyar, Weld, Paul V. Ruane, M.H. Shurin, Harry L. Freeman, B.M. Lrve, J.R. Ward, Joseph Collins, Leon A. Williams, A.D. Weck, Frank Sauder, L.L. Lee

I hereby certify to the accuracy and good faith of the above application. The charter when issued is to be mailed to me at the address below.

Signed Leon A. Williams Slayton Minnesota


First Endorsement 

Date August 20 1919, 603 Guardian Life Building St Paul Minn.

To the Secretary, National Executive Committee 19 West 44th Street New York City.

I certify that I have examined the foregoing application. Approval is recommended. Charter to be issued under name Erwin March, State of Minnesota, No. 64.

George G. Chapin Secretary, State Organization, State of Minnesota.

Second Endorsement

Date August 25 1919

To the Secretary, State Organization, The American Legion State of Minnesota. Returned. Approved. Charter issued and inclosed herewith. 

Signed Eric Fisher Wood Secretary National Executive Committee

Third Endorsement

Date September 6 1919

To Leon A. Williams Slayton Minnesota name of representative of Post, Forwarded. Charter applied for herewith inclosed

Signed George G. Chapin Secretary State Organization State of Minnesota

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