The Hillman American Legion Post 602 was named after two soldiers, that were from Lakin Township, Morrison County.
John A. Wojciak-died Sept 27,1944 at Camp Wallace,Texas due to cerebral hemorrhage
William J.Talberg-died June 8,1942 in Italy suffering from wounds.

Thus, The American Legion Post 602 was named after these two deceased soldiers, known as Wojciak-Talberg Post 602, more commonly known as "the Hillman Legion". A temporary charter was received from The National American Legion in Indianapolis, Indiana, on December 4th, 1946: a permanent Charter was received on January 15th, 1948. The National Commander, James F O'Neil and the Minnesota Department Commander, George Kaisersatt signed the Post Charter.

There were 27 charter veterans that desired to start a Legion Post in the Hillman area. The Charter Officers were: Commander-John H. Miller/ Vice Commander-Julius Stellmach/ Adjuant-Marion Chesney/ Finance Officer-Edward Beumer/ Historian-Arthur Hatch/ Chaplain-William Berezni.

The "Hillman Legion" was first organized about 10 miles south of Hillman at Gotvald's Corner, where they held Post meetings at that location. The members continued to meet there until about 1975, when they purchased the District 125 School Building which was closing, as it had already been incorporated into District 481 of Onamia in the late 1960's. There was significant amount of remodeling necessary to make this building into a Post Home. It is still the Post Home but now in the City of Hillman.

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