Post 1 Minneapolis, Minnesota

Post 1

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Post 1 Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Post Namesake

Theodor Petersen. Theodor was ... READ MORE

Notable Members

Judge Levi E Hall

John Bacich

Robert Mayer

Our present commander Larry Schoppe a second generation Legion member. He has been working hard to bring in the NOW Generation of Veterans. And our Membership Director Michael Krogan. My hat off to them both,  ... READ MORE

What Makes this Post Unique
In June 1925 the NEC ... READ MORE




June 1925

Jun 25, 1925

Reprint of American Legion National NEC Minutes of June 1925

The next order of business is the requesst of Theodor Petersen Post 1 Minnesota Department to retain their Red artillery standard.

FREDRICK D. McCARTHY (Minnesota): Theodor Petersen, Minnesota, is the first post orllganized in Minnesota, and I think the records of the national organization show it was one of the first seven posts in Minnesota to obtain a charter. The post was named after Theodor Petersen in..

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May 15, 1988

In 1988 there were several posts in the Fifth District that voted to retire their charters and banners and merge with Theodor Petersen Post 1. Those posts were Laidlaw 208; Wenell 233; Mill City 459; Navy-Marine 472; and Paul Revere 624. The next year the combined members were contacted by mail to ask for imput on a new name. The name with the highist votes came up as: Minneapolis Post One. At the first meeting..

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Minneapolis Post One Centennial

Aug 2018

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