Carson City Gazette, Carson City, Michigan, December 4, 1919 Number 50

Ten-shun, American Legion

The first regular election of officers for Douglas K. McCloskey Post of the American Legion will be held Thursday evening, Dec 18. All Legion members are ex-service man is urged to be present.

The American Legion is the recognized mouthpiece of the service man. It harbors as a unit the men who offered their lives to preserve American honor and ideals and pledges itself to continue the fight through our dangerous reconstruction period.

Current events tends to show that the world is by no means "safe for democracy" not even our own Republic. To make "World Safe for Democracy" was the slogan under which President Wilson organized our mighty army and since this has not yet been accomplished hence it is apparent that the army's work is not finished. To complete that, its task military methods cannot be used, it must be done through a spirit of 100 per cent Americanism and a fighting fidelity for Old Glory.

Conditions in our own state bear out the fact that men are needed in its government who are more concerned about the "Ship of State" than their own financial gains.

The service man was not offered nor did he ask a dazzling salary when his very life was in danger while serving the Republic. Not until this self sacrifice devotion to country is carried into civil life will our nation stand free from political guile as it did in the days of "Honest Abe."

The National influence of the American Legin is only as strong as its thousands units and it is ardently desized that the boys of the community show their colors. Don't forget your obligations Thursday evening Dec. 18, at the G.A.R. hall.

There is a rumor "whispered" about eats; besides reading, cards, boxing, and wrestling.

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