Many legion members within the state of Michigan know and use the information that Post 217 has published about our post being Green. Not the color of coarse, but rather we use no heating or cooling from furnaces, AC units or boilers.
Our AC unit on the roof was hit by a storm about 5 years ago and we always had trouble with an old boiler for the heating. So, the commander at the time Don Howard and the members decided instead of spending a lot of money keeping and maintaining old technology we went green, and put in a GEOTHERMAL heating & cooling system. With the help of the City of Wyandotte and local contrators we utilized grant monies and invested in this wonderful new system. The cost to heat and cool the entire building has gone down and everyone enjoys the atmosphere at post 217. We are in talks with new contractors about installing wind and solar powered systems now to generate our own electrcity.

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