January 5, 1931:- Commander Thomas called first meeting of 1931 to order with 32 members present. Reports were heard from the show,sick and welfare committees as well as from Finance Officer. An invitation was accepted from the E.W. Pierce W.R.C. #8 to attend their installation of officers on the evening of Jan.8. It was voted to attend the Get-to-gether Banquet and reception to National Commander Ralph T. O'Neil being held on Saturday, Feb. 7, 1931 at the Hotel Statler, Boston. Voted to purchase reservations for a table and that the 3 senior officers be sent at expense of the Post. Voted to authrorize the Adjutant purchase a rebuilt typewriter and a suitable book for preserving membership records.
... February 2, 1931 ... Upon motion it was voted that the Post donate the sum of $10.00 to the local chapter of the Red Cross for their relief work in the drought area. The Commander and Welfare Officer to investigate the situation regarding Soldiers Relief it was voted. It was voted that a committee of 3 draw up resolutions for the next meeting on the death of Alvin C. Howes, Commander Dept. of Mass. G.A.R.
... March 2, 1931 ... With 40 members present, Commander Thomas called the meeting to order at 8:15 p.m. Following the reading of correspondance, the Post stood for a moment of silence in respect to the late General Clarence R. Edwards.A vote of thanks was tendered Comrade McNabb for his efforts in redecorating the Homsestead Grocery. A collection was taken, the money to be used in purchasing cigars for Comrade P.C. McCrillis, he having just undergone an operation in Chelsea Naval Hospital. The resolution for Alvin C.Howes, reads in part: " Whereas: The Father of all time has called from our midst one who has been without doubt the most prominent member of E.W. Pierce Post #8, The Grand Army of the Republic and at the time of his death had reached the honorable distinction of being Department Commander of that organization."
... April 6, 1931 ... It was voted that Comrade McNeece contact Rep. Kendrick Washburn regarding State employment of aliens on jobs while there are citizens searching for work. Voted that a committee of 10 be appointed to conduct a carnival on a suitable date this summer. Voted that our charter be draped for a period of 30 days in memory of Gen. Clarence R. Edwards. Also, that the Adjutant be given th authority to purchase a suitable sized picture of Ge. Edwards. The picture to be hung in a conspicuous place in these rooms.
... May 4, 1931 ... A regular meeting with 43 present called to order at 7:30 p.m. A committee was voted to take care of decoration of the graves for memorial day. A nominating committee of 5 was elected, as follows: Clifton McCrillis, Chas. S. Carver, John McNeece, Freeman Taylor and Joseph Dutra. A recess was declared to permit Lieut. Gov. Youngman be escorted from John Glass Jr. Sq to the hall after which the Lieut. Gov's address was heard.
...June 1, 1931 ... Nominating committee offered the candidates for Post officers. Elected Commander, Harold F. Dunham; Everett Saunders, 1st Vice; Norman Bryden, 2nd Vice; Romeo Millette, 3rd Vice; Alfred R. Mack, Finance Officer; Forest E. Thomas, Chaplain; Arthur Almquist, Historin and Ira E. Amsden, Sgt at Arms.A motion made and voted that the Post conduct a drive, the purpose to raise sufficient funds whereby the Post may present the town with an ambulance. Delegates voted to attend the State Convention were Harold F. Dunham, Leslie G. Maranville and Norman Bryden. Alternates elected were Forest Thomas, Patrick McMahan and Joseph Dutra.
... July 6, 1931 ... Clifton McCrillis was appointed Adjutant pro-tem. Ambulance committee reported Town Counsel is investigating legality of such a gift. It was voted to allow the Adjutant the suffficient expenses necessary to complete the World War records of the town.
... August 3, 1931 ... Voted a committee of 3 be appointed to authorize a purchase of a token of esteem for Comrade Alfred R. Mack in a appreciation of his good work as Finance Officer, the cost of same not to exceed $25. Voted to send the B & D to Plymouth to participate in the 40-8 parade. And that the Post as well as the B & D enter the parade on Saturday, August 22nd.
... September, 7, 1931 ...The carnival committee report was accepted with thanks. New Business: It was voted that the Post donate the sum of $50 to the auxiliary from the proceeeds of the carnival. Amended to $75. Following the installations of officers, conducted by the chairman of the 10th District Council, Comrade Ge. Cappell assisted by the District Sgt at Arms, George Young.
... October 5, 1931 ...Commander Dunham called the meeting to order at 8 p.m. It was voted that the VFW be granted the use of the Post's nights in the Town Hall one night this year for the installations of its officers. Voted that the Post, together with its B & D corps and drill team attend the parade on Armistice Sunday conducted by the 10th District in Norwell. A reply letter, dated October 26,1931 (26 Sun Traveleing Moon), from the "Tepee of Assawompsett Council No. 106,Degree of Pocahontas, Improved Order of Red Men--Hunting Grounds of Middleboro,Reservation of Massachusetts," declined an invitation by the Post. An acceptance to join the Post in the Armistice Day Parade was received from the "Wigwam of Nesmasket Tribe No. 94, Improved Order of Red Men, Hunting Grounds of Middleboro,Mass." The letter stated that the
" Nemasket Tribe at their Council Fire helf on last Friday's sleep, voted to accept same and the parade as a body." It was signed Fraternally yours, J. E. Alden, Chief of Records. The letterhead also listed J. L. Tees as collector of Wampum and P.F. Anderson, Keeper of Wampum.
... November 2, 1931 ... On a motion it was voted that the Post accept the invitation of the VFW to be present at their installation of officers. Accepted the invitation of the 10th District Council to parade in Norwell on Armistice Sunday. Middleboro will be repsented by possibly 25 members with their Bugle and Drum Corps, together with the Auxiliary. Authorized the House cmmittee to purchase as many playing cards as deemed wise.
... December 7, 1931 ...Reports of the dance, Armistice Day, get-to-gether and show committees were heard. The welfare committee reported tht Harry F. Lowe of Somerville, a member of the Legion of that city, injured in a recent auto accident was transported by this commitee to the CHelsea Naval Hospital for treatment. The Welfare officer was re-imbursed $6.50 for his expenses in transporting Comrade Lowe to the hosital in Chelsea.
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