The 1930’s of the Simeon L. Nickerson Post 64 started with a regular meeting on January 6, 1930 and had 25 members attending with Commander McMahon leading. Among items discussed was the House Committee be instructed to investigate and cover the steam pipes, also to cut off defective radiators, and be authorized to spend the sum not to exceed $40.00. And it was voted that a committee of 5 be appointed to be known as the Veterans Night Committee. The committee appointed was as follows: Clifton McCrillis, Hervey Bazinet, Geo. I. Dunham. Wm. McMahan and Chas. Fickert. Also voted that the property of the Fish and Game Association be removed from the gunlocker… February 3, 1930 …With 30 members in attendance, it was voted that the Veterans Night Committee confer with Comrade Horace Atkins with the idea of motion pictures for Veterans Night. Amended to include Comrade Carroll Swan be secured as principal speaker, and that the sum of $25.00 be appropriated for the affair. Also voted that the House Committee be authorized to purchase six new cuspidors for the club rooms. Following other discussions, the meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m. … March 3, 1930… Reports from the Sick, Show and Veterans Night committees were given as well as from the Finance Officer. A three man committee was appointed to secure two or three rooms in Boston for the week of the Convention. Another committee of three was appointed to contact merchants in regard to closing of stores on legal holidays. A recess was voted until after hearing from guest speaker Assistant District Attorney John V. Sullivan. Refreshments were served after the speech. The meeting recalled at 11 p.m. Voted that the $3.00 charged for use of the hall by Voiture #49 of the 40/8 be donated to that organization. A committee of five were appointed to investigate the possibilities of conducting a carnival. Four members were appointed to a committee for the purpose of organizing a bugle and drum corps. Named to that committee were: Romeo Millette, Clifton McCrillis, Leslie Maranville and Kendrick Washburn. Meeting adjourned at 11:30 p.m. ….
April 7, 1930… Twenty-five members were present. Heard reports from Veterans Night, Carnival, Bugle and Drum Corps and Armistice Dance committees. A recess was declared, while the Boy Scouts entertained, which proceeded by a Scout talk by Deputy Commissioner Fillmore. The meeting was called to order and among the items voted were that the Post enter a baseball team in the Middleboro Twilight League; and, it was voted that the Bugle and Drum Corps Committee be thanked and that the plans for forming a corps be dropped. Voted to investigate the matter of sponsoring a Boy Scout Troop. The Commander appoint a show committee. The Carnival Committee return to J.B. Amusement Co., a signed contract. A letter was voted to be sent to the Fish and Game association for their donation of a gas stove. Minutes recorded by Adjutant L. G. Maranville. … May 5, 1930 …Meeting called to order at 8:15 p.m. by Commander McMahon with 30 members present and 19 visitors from Taunton and Bridgewater in addition to a Bugle and Drum Corps from Taunton of 10 members. The report of the Boy Scout Committee was to recommend waiting until the fall before continuing a movement of sponsoring a troop. Voted a sum of $15.00 to the athletic Officer for the use of the baseball team. A committee of five be appointed to have charge of Memorial Day activities. A committee of three be appointed to confer with the Auxiliary and ascertain as to which Holiday they prefer to assist on the Poppy Drive…Memorial Day or Armistice Day. A recess was called to hear Comrade Joseph Burns of Taunton, whose talk was very interesting as well as amusing. Meeting re-opened with an invitation from Comrade Donald Gustafson of Bridgewater Post # 203 to attend their next meeting and to also participate with their Post on Memorial Day afternoon. It was explained that our Post would be unable to attend their meeting, owing to the fact that it falls on our Baseball night. Also, we will be participating with the G.A.R. on Memorial Day as is the usual custom. But, would be pleased to attend a meeting in Bridgewater at some later date. Voted that the Bugle and Drum Corps from Taunton Post be invited to furnish music for the parade to the baseball field on the League opening night. Voted to have the Post’s original Bugle and Drum Corps Committee bring the Corps into existence. Meeting adjourned at 10:55 p.m. … June 2, 1930 … Fifty–seven members were attending when the meeting was called to order at 8:30 p.m. The Bugle and Drum Corps Committee was heard and part of their report was in presenting the Corps with their instruments by their manager John McNeece. It was voted that the Finance Officer be authorized to make the necessary payments with the contract of C.G. Comm. Ltd. A rising vote of thanks was given to Comrade John McNeece. … July 7, 1930 … Among the items discussed were reports from the carnival and sick committees. Comrade Alfred R. Mack, reporting for the School Awards committee, stated awards had been made to Loretta Bissonnette of the Bates School and Stanley Minouski of Memorial High School. Voted that the reservations made with Ralph Mason, Chm’n Housing Committee of the Dept. Convention be cancelled. Voted to accept the copy of Declaration of Independence presented the Post by John Hancock Insurance Co be suitably framed. … August 4, 1930 … Meeting opened with a report from the Carnival committee, which showed a financial gain of a profit of $1,315.32. It was voted to present Comrade Romeo Millette with the sum of $25.00 to help defray expenses connected with the carnival. Voted that a sum of $100.00 be donated to the Auxiliary in appreciation of for serviced rendered during the carnival. Voted that the Legion lot at St. Mary’s cemetery be restored to perfect condition. Officers elected for 1930-1931: Commander, Forest E. Thomas; Vice-Commander, Harold F. Dunham; Adjutant, Leslie G. Maranville; Finance Officer, Alfred R. Mack; Chaplain, Howard Shurtleff; Historian; Historian, Clifton McCrillis and Sergeant at Arms, Harold Tessier. … Sept 8-18-29-October 13, 1930 … Most Post business at these four meetings were mostly related to the State and National conventions as reported elsewhere for 1930 … November 3, 1930 … The matter of painting the ceiling of the Homestead Grocery ( first floor rental unit in the Post 64 building) be left in the hands of the House Committee. A stipulation that for labor they must employ members of the Post who are at present unemployed was voted. In regard to payment of the room rent at 372 Massachusetts Ave., which the Post occupied during Convention week, it was voted a committee consisting of the Commander, Adjutant and Finance Officer be instructed to investigate and that the bill be paid if they consider it wise. Voted that the Post send the Bugle and Drum Corps to Falmouth on Armistice Sunday to participate in the Tenth Dist. Parade at no expense to the Post. … December 1, 1930 … Commander Thomas opened the meeting at 8 p.m. with 22 members present, according to the minutes recorded by Adjutant Leslie Maranville and filed by Historian Clifton McCrillis. It was voted that the Post co-operate with the Auxiliary on a 50-50 basis in arranging a Christmas party for the veterans children. Upon motion and so voted that the matter of redecorating the ceiling of the Homestead Grocery be left in the hands of the House Committee. Voted that the balance of the Armistice Day finances be applied to the Bugle and Drum Corps account.
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