1929:- January 7…..Voted the house committee be authorized to spend $25 for repairing floor of O’Toole’s store. Voted ….to have cues repaired and that they keep them in condition. Voted to contact the janitor relative to keeping pool table clean and the rooms warmer.
February 4….Voted that a committee of three be appointed to talk at the town meeting on the renaming of Everett Square. Appointments: McCrillis, Mach and Millette.
March 4…..Voted that the com. having charge of markers for Nickerson St. function also on re-marking Everett Square.
April 1…. Voted that two more members be added to committee having charge of re-naming Everett Square. Appointments: Carver and Saunders.
May 6….. With 25 members present it was voted that the location of markers be left in the hands of the markers com.
May 13….. A special meeting was called. It was voted we accept the invitation of the G. A. R. to participate in their Memorial Day Services. Voted that the Commander and Adjutant be appointed a committee of two to contact the G.A.R. in regards arrangements for their band for the dedication of John Glass, Jr., Square. (*** Historian Note….On May 30, 1929 the street in front of Town Hall was re-named Nickerson Avenue and Everett Square was re-named John Glass, Jr. Square.)

June 3…..Voted a letter of thanks be sent the G.A.R. for the use of the band on Memorial Day. Voted that the Post pay $6.00 for the extra man in the band on Memorial Day. New officers were elected: Commander-Patrick McMahon; Vice-Commander-Geo. Dunham; Adjutant-Leslie Maranville; Finance Officer- Forest Thomas; Serg’t at Arms Joseph Flynn; Chaplain- Hervey Bizanet; Historian- Clifton McCrillis.
August 5….. Voted that we run a carnival and that the carnival will run for four days. And, that the Committee have full authorization to conduct carnival. Committee appointments: McCrillis, Hall, Dunham, Carver, Taylor, Millette, Fuller, P. McMahon and Bizanet.
Sept 2….. The report of the carnival committee was accepted and committee was discharged after given a rising vote of thanks. Motion made and seconded that letters of thanks be sent to Mr.Benson for the privilege of using Depot Grove and to Mr. Geo. Shurtleff for the use of lumber which was gratis. On a motion it was voted to donate the sum of $50 to the Auxiliary…same to be taken from the Carnival proceeds.
Oct 7 ….. A motion was made that a committee of three be appointed by the Commander to investigate the possibilities of purchasing and erecting a bronze honor roll and Memorial tablets at John Glass, Jr. Square and Nickerson St. replacing the wooden markers that are in use at the present time.
Same to be done possibly Armistice Day of 1930. Committee named are as follows-Comrades Carl Kendall, Clifton McCrillis and Hervey Bazinet.
October 28….. (This meeting was held in lieu of the November date) Under new business it was voted that the Finance Officer be allowed to expend the sum necessary to purchase a loose leaf book to be used by the Historian in the preservation of his records, same not to exceed $5.00. (Compiled by Bob Lessard Post Historian 2014)

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