1928:- April 2…. Under new business: A motion was made and seconded that a committee of five be appointed by the chair to be known as the 1928 show com., and that they have full power to conduct said show. Appointed, Raymond Nourse, Elmer Godfrey, Hervey Bazinet, George Dunham, Clifton McCrillis, Chas Carver, Leslie Maranville.
June 4 …. Election of Officers: Results of elections were as follows Commander- Joseph Dutra; Vice-Commander- Don Trombley; Adjutant-Henry Bazinet; Finance Officer-Forest Thomas; Sgt. At Arms-Herbert Godfrey; Chaplain-Alfred Mack, Historian- Douglas Logan; House Committee-Francis Crowley, Geo. Taylor, Everett Saunders, Chas. Farrington, Ralph Moulton; Exec. Committee-Dr. Hardy, Chas, Carver Clifton McCrillis; Athletic Officer-Wm. McMahon.
August 27…. Special Meeting: Motion made and seconded that the delegates be instructed to work in the interest of Comrade McCrillis as a delegate to the National Convention. So Voted.
Sept 10 ….Motion made and seconded that we conduct a Poppy Drive and that we ask the Auxilliary’s aid, reimbursing them on the same basis as last year. So Voted
December 3…. Voted that the committee that had charge of inserting in town warrant relative to markers for Nickerson St. see if another article can be inserted to rename Everett Square to John Glass Jr. Square.

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