1922:- January 16…… Meeting called to order by Commander at eight o’clock with 31 members present, after which the meeting was turned over to Commander-elect Hardy. Sick Committee appointed for one year: Reginald Drake, chairman, Lester Leland and Ralph Nickerson. All members rose and stood with bowed heads in memory of departed comrades after which the meeting was adjourned.
February 21…… Seventy Five (75) members were present as Commander Hardy called the meeting to order at 7:30. Last year’s entertainment committee that the last dance of 1921 netted $53.10. Voted to appoint a committee to act in conjunction with a committee from the Elks to help out on the Elks’ show. Invitation of E.W. Pierce Post #8 G. A. R. to attend services in the Church of our Saviour on Memorial Sunday accepted.
March 13…..Voted to paint the Legion Building in the spring. The committee consists of Frank Diotte, Pat McMahon and John Martin. A membership drive committee was voted. Appointed were Roger Wood, Ralph Nickerson, Leon Coraini, Darrah Higgins and Elmer Godfrey.
April 10….. Sixty one members were present. Reports by paint, entertainment and membership committees were given. Voted to have a baseball team and appropriated $15.00 for same. Voted to turn the rifle club money over to the ball team. Received $200.00 from the Elks Show and voted to turn it over to reduce the mortgage.
May 16 …… It was voted that the chair appoint a committee of three to have charge of expenditures of the funds received from the Daisy Drive to assist the needy and unemployed ex-service men. No regular meetings of the Post in July and August 1922 was voted.
June 12…… Clifton McCrillis, Fletcher Clark and Commander Hardy elected as delegates to attend the convention. James McQuade, Edward Kelly and Darragh Higgins to act as alternates. Voted the Commander take charge of the Post Colors for the Elks Flag Day Observance. Members present 27.
September 11….Appointed by the chair as a bazaar committee were Roger Wood, Harold Saunders and Frank Diotte. Edward Kelly and Fletcher Clark were appointed to obtain a piece of ordnance for the town. A profit of $55.00 on the recent dance to be turned over to the Treasurer reported the Entertainment Committee.
October 10….Edward Kelly reported a profit of $10.00 on the last dance. He also called attention to the Armistice Eve Ball which comes on November 10 with Morey Pearl’s orchestra of Boston. The matter of a basketball team was discussed. The Selectmen had decided to allow use of the Town Hall for this purpose. Town Manager Goodale had given the Legion the first refusal. Unanimous vote for a team. Forest Thomas stated that money was to be a big factor.
November 13…. Meeting opened at 8:05 P.M. Called to order by Commander Hardy with 21 members present. It was reported by the entertainment committee that a profit of $352.00 from the show and $190.00 from the dance. Basketball committee reported progress. Voted to donate $100.00 to the basketball team. Accepted the invitation of the YMCA to enter a basketball team in the Industrial League if the financial is adjusted. Voted $15.00 for entrance fee. There are 122 paid-up members in 1922.
December 11….. Elections were held for Post Officers of 1923. Elected; Commander- Clifton McCrillis; Vice- Commander-William L. Bernier; Adjutant- Arthur S. Hall; Treasurer- Everett L. Saunders; Sgt. At Arms- Dr. Irving R. Hardy; Chaplain- Reginald W. Drake; Historian- Clifton McCrillis; Executive Committee- Fletcher Clark,Jr., Edgar A. Gay and William Begley; House Committee- Kenneth Keedwell, Ralph Nickerson, Walter Campbell, John J. Sullivan and Dr. Burkhead.
........................... ( Compiled by Bob Lessard Post Historian 2014 )

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