1920:- January 10….. Dance Committee reported a profit of $76.22 on last dance. Communications read regarding ex-service men in Lakeville Sanatorium. Voted that the matter of buying a typewriter be left in the hands of the Executive Committee.
February 14…..Called to order at 8 p.m. by Commander Keedwell. Voted to have a Womens Auxiliary. Voted to give Community Center $5.00. Gerard Shaw elected to Employment Committee. Harold Dunham elected Athletic Officer.
March 21….. Base Ball Committee reported that money was needed to get the season started, and the Chairman requested that they be allowed $75.00. Entertainment Committee reported that a contract had been signed for a show to put on in the Town Hall sometime in September or October. Voted that $75.00 be appropriated for the use of the baseball team and that the treasurer be reimbursed for this amount from the proceeds of the second dance in May.
May 9….. Meeting called to order at 7:40 p.m. with 45 members. Entertainment Committee reported a loss of $11.25 on the last dance. Voted to form a rifle club. Voted that for Memorial Day all those who can wear their uniforms do so, the others to come in civilian clothes.
June 13….. Dance committee reported a profit of $52.40 on the Baseball Dance. Voted to run a bazaar on October 10, 11 and 12th. Bazaar committee formed: Forrest Standish, Dan Warren, James McQuade, Fletcher Clark, Jr. and John Martin. Voted to drill once each week until the parade in Plymouth on August 1st.
September 12…. Communications from Headquarters asking for $10 toward Hospitalization Fund. So voted. Nominations for delegates for North Adams convention. Voted adjutant cast one ballot for delegates: James McQuade, Forrest Standish, Fletcher Clark, Jr., and Edward Kelly. Rehearsals for “Katcha-Koo” progressing favorably, reported the Entertainment Committee.
October 3 ….. With 42 members present, the Commander called the meeting to order at 8:10 p.m. Entertainment Committee reported a profit of $379.20 on “Katcha-Koo.” Voted that the Treasurer be authorized to purchase five more Legion grave markers. Meeting adjourned at 9:30 after which everyone enjoyed a lunch served by the Auxiliary.
November 14……A nominating committee was formed to report a list of officers for the ensuing year. The carnival committee reported proceeds of $1078.45. Voted to send thanks for ways they helped in carnival: Fr.Ready, use of dance board; Bostock & Inman, wiring field; A. H. Tripp, displaying victrola; Mrs. Burkhead, girls selling tags; Womens Auxiliary, tables at carnival; B F O E, use of barn; E. M. Johnson, donation for aviator. Entertainment Committee reported additional proceeds of “Katcha-Koo” of $249.87. A committee of three was appointed to meet with Selectmen to see what could be done about using Town Hall for the purpose of playing basketball.
December 12….The following officers were elected for 1922: Commander, Dr. I Hardy; Vice –Commander, Roger Wood; Treasurer, Malcolm Drake; Adjutant, Frank Baker; Chaplain, Chas Carver; Historian, Clifton McCrillis; Sgt at Arms, Herbert E. Godfrey. Basketball committee reported impossibility to obtain use of Town Hall for playing basketball.
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