The below named officers and committee members were elected at the regular meeting November 27, 1923 and January 7, 1924 were installed, with the past commander B. N. Maxwell acting as installing officer. At this meeting it was decided to have a stag party on January 23rd, and invite all ex-servicemen to attend free. This was the first stag party held by the post and proved to be very successful. Music for the stag was furnished by Adams Orchestra from Omaha and see, clarity, speeches, etc. where the order of the evening, with Commander Matthews, Chaplain Maxwell, and Dr. G. V. Caughlan acting as hosts.Another successful Smoker and Buffet Lunch, with ex-serviceman invited, in which all County Posts were represented, was held in July.

One week before Decoration Day, the first poppy sale was held, which will be an annual affair in the following years. On Memorial Day, the Legion marched to the cemetery, with Captain R. E. Humphrey, the Marshall of the day. Commander Matthews presided at a meeting in the afternoon, Dr. G. V. Caughlan being the World War speaker, and W. C. Rathke being in charge of the program.

Money for the post during the year was raised by the Legion sponsoring “Carnival Week” July 14thto 19th with the Isler Greater Shows set up on the streets in the local Square. A dance was then held Thanksgiving evening, profitable funds from each affair, and the two dances in December, one being a Christmas Dance on Christmas, with favors and lunch and a popular prices. The Legion, for our local post, sponsored movie about a war in November at the Rex Theatre, by the name of the “Powder River”. 

The Ladies Auxiliary entertained the Legion October 31st, by having a costume party. Dancing, cards, and a lunch were the order of the enjoyable evening. 

On Monday, December 8, 1924, the election of officers for the coming year were held and the officers were installed a week later at the meeting in which the Post entertained the G. A. R. and Spanish American War Vets at 6:30 dinner, Mr. & Mrs. J. M. Anderson in charge. Everyone drank that evening from a vessel filled with doughnuts floating on the top. After the installation of officers, responses received from comrades D. J. Shannon of the G. A. R.; R. E. Humphrey speaking for the Spanish American War Vets and Dr. G. V. Caughlin for the World War boys. D. N. Barnett closed the meeting with the reading of the Post History and relating to all present, the war service of the new commander.


Commander- B. A. Matthews

Vice Commander-C. C. Lipsett

Adjutant-Leonard Hammond

Chaplain-Byron N. Maxwell

Finance Officer-W. C. Rathke

Sergeant-at-Arms-Emer E. Hatcher

Service Officer-Carl H. Cook


Executive Committee:

Dr. L. A. Hollinshead

Dr. G. V. Caughlan

D. N. Barnett

Byron N. Maxwell

By B. L. Kent, Post Historian 1953-1954

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