The post open this year with the rent for the hall paid a year in advance. This year was also the start of opening and closing legion meeting with the Legion ritual. 

Through the efforts of the post, the bridge over at Keg Creek has been named “The Harvey T. Rimel Bridge” and a bronze tablet was erected on the bridge. The post also made a donation of $50 to the city, towards the purchase of a new fire truck. 

The Iowa State bonus was paid this year to all eligible ex-service men in the State.

Memorial day services were conducted at the Glenwood cemetery in the morning, and were followed by a program at the Rex Theatre in the afternoon, featuring a free movie. The post also sponsored a double feature later in the year. 

Several dances were held during the year and a joint party was held with the Ladies Auxiliary. The Auxiliary also served lunches at some of the dances. And indoor carnival and bizarre was held at the Armory November 28, 29th, and 30thwith local and outdoor concessions which was a success with merit Mendenhall as chairman. 

On December 6th, election of officers for 1924 was held with a good attendance and plenty of pep. The year closed with the hall rent paid in advance for the coming year and no outstanding bills.


Post Officers

Commander- Byron N. Maxwell

Vice Commander-David O. Gwinn

Adjutant-Carl Mauk

Chaplain-Bernard Rhoads

Sergeant-at-Arms-Curtis D. Kier

Finance Officer-Harry J. Widows

Executive Committee:

Dr. L. A. Hollinshead

Dr. G. V. Caughlan

D. N. Barnett

Dance Committee:

D. N. Barnett

M. B. Mendenhall

B. A. Matthews

By B. L. Kent, Post Historian 1953-1954



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