In July of 1972 the Post began plans for bingo to begin at Post 80. On October 3, 1972 bingo began with 117 players and prizes as high as $20.00 to a single winner. Bingo will be every Tuesday evening and the doors will open at 4:30pm. At the end of the evening $376.00 was ready for deposit in the bank. A new era had begun for Post 80. The following weeks would see nearl 200 bingo players. With this new source of funds also came the need for more volunteers. By the end of April 1973 four bingo teams had been created, the teams would rotate each week.

Bingo would prove to be the future life blood of Post 80. New furniture was finally ordered for the lounge and the old furniture was sold off to the highest bidders.  At funeral services a bible to be presented to the family of the deceased was added to the ceremony.

As costs were rising for just about everything the Post debated discontinueing the fireworks on the 4th of July. Due to a big rise in the premium for insurance to cover the fireworks on  the 4th, many members were in favor of dropping the fireworks. After much debate at was finally decided to continue with the fireworks for this year.

1973 would prove to be a very good year. All Legion programs were carried out in good form. The Post now had a continuous source of income and for now it seemed everyone was happy. The final report for the year showed that the Post was holding it's own prepared to move forward to another Legion year.


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